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2010 Lasertel Noveon LS1100-4 Diode Laser for Nail Fungus - Sold As Is

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2010 Lasertel Noveon LS1100-4 Diode Laser for Nail Fungus; Overall Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition (one single toe pod is not functioning), Single Owner; Reason for Selling: Downsizing; Includes: (4) Functioning ReUsable Toe Pod Attachments, (26) Disposable Toe Pod Attachments, Operator Eyewear, Patient Eyewear, & Operators Manual; Does Not Include Warranty; Does Include Crating and Shipping;(km/opa500)


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Laser Type:Diode
Operating Mode:Automatic
Method of Action:Photobiology
Wavelengths: 870nm & 930nm
Power Level:Low
Safety Rating:Class 3b
Noveon® therapeutic laser device – harnesses the power of optical energy in two distinct wavelength patterns to make the treatments highly successful in killing fungi pathogens.

How It Works
The Noveon toenail laser is a revolutionary new treatment for infected fungal toenails. It is safe and the most effective treatment available. The laser light from the Noveon is targeted to the infected toes and surrounding tissues safely and reliably. Precisely targeting the laser light is done easily with the use of “intelligent disposable applicators” attached to the toes

The two wavelengths of the laser light penetrate deep down the nail surface to reach the infected nail bed. The fungus in the nail bed is inactivated by the laser light while healthy tissue is preserved. The fully automated design of the Noveon nail laser insures the correct dose is given for each treatment everytime without fail. Depending on the severity of the infection three or four treatments per toe are needed. Each treatment can be done up to four toes simultaneously in 16 minutes.

A totally new type of laser, non significant risk.
Does not use dangerous UV or ablation.
Does use 2 very specific IR wavelengths that have the unique ability to cause photodamage to microbes at physiologic temperatures that can kill directly or sensitize to antibiotics.
These effects have been used successfully in humans with both MRSA and fungi.

The gentle laser light works through the nail.
No side effects.
Does not harm the nail or skin.
Painless – no anesthesia needed.
3 treatments at Day 1, 14 and 60
Shoes can be worn immediately after treatment.
Highly effective

Clinically Validated Results
Nomir has secured a 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to utilize the company’s Noveon device during contact and non-contact surgical procedures of the skin, subcutaneous tissues and nasal passages in dermatology, plastic surgery, podiatry, and otolaryngology.

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