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2007 Candela VBeam - Very Low Pulses, Fully Refurbished

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2007 Candela VBeam 595nm Pulse Dye Laser – Received full Refurbishment in 08/18/2017 & on 07/25/2007, Records Available Upon Request for service in 2017; New Dye Kit Installed; Like New Operating Condition and Excellent Cosmetic Condition; Total System Pulse Count Long Pulse = 2,147 Pulses; Includes: Fiber Delivery System with 5mm, 3x10mm, 7mm, 10mm, & 3x10mm Handpiece Distance Gauges, Sliders, (2) Operator Eyewear, Patient Goggles, Key, Operator Manual, 90 Day Warranty.km


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Laser Type:Flashlamp-excited, pulsed dye laser
Wavelength:595 nanometers (nm)
Optical Output:Lens-coupled optical fiber with user selectable slider spot sizes.
Maximum Energy:6 joules (J)
Stability of Output Energy:±14%
Pulse Repetition Rate:1.5 Hz repetitive pulsing
Pulse Duration:0.45-40 milliseconds
Beam Spot Size:5 mm, 7 mm, 10 mm, 3×10 mm
Cooling Method:Ambient air
Dimensions:(HxWxD) 43.5”x 18”x 32” (111 x 46 x 81 cm)
Weight:300 lbs (140 kg)
Cryogen:HFC 134a

The Candela V Beam has maintained the Gold Standard with 20 years of use and 300+ published papers, the Vbeam delivers the safety and efficacy of the clinically proven pulsed dye laser.

-beam’s versatility enables you to address a wide range of vascular lesions, including: periorbital wrinkles, facial veins, rosacea, leg veins, port wine stains, hemangiomas, scars, stretch marks and warts.

V-beam offers DCD cooling for effective cooling and protection of the epidermis offering your patients greater comfort.

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