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2007 Sybaritic ClearSkin TA-2 Tattoo Laser

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2007 Sybaritic ClearSkin TA-2 Tattoo Laser, Tabletop laser with only 5,000 original pulses, Recently received preventive maintenance by the manufacturer, Excellent Condition! Includes: Operators Manual, 2 Pair Operator Eyewear, 1 Pair Eyeshields, Free Shipping within the U.S., and 90 Day Warranty


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Type of Laser:Q-Switched Nd-YAG Laser
Wavelength:1064 and 532 nm
Pulse Energy:Variable, 200 mJ, 400 mJ
Fluence: Variable, up to 50 J/cm2 with 1 mm spot size
Pulse Width:10 ns
Pulse Rate:1-5 Hz
Laser Beam Delivery:Direct-delivery beam
Cooling:Water cooled
Weight:31 lbs (14 Kg)
Power Supply: 220 V, (1.5 A/60 Hz)


Dual Wavelengths (1064 nm or 532 nm)

SkinClear TA-2 incorporates a KTP crystal frequency doubling dual wavelength feature to allow the user to easily change from a 1064 nm to a 532 nm single-wavelength laser beam. The frequency doubling dual wavelength feature allows you to treat multiple indications and several different tattoo colors and pigments.

Super “Q” Passive Organic Crystals for Optimal Performance

Most lasers use active/mechanical means to accomplish Q-Switching. These mechanical methods can include electrical switches (utilizing the “Pockel’s effect”), rotating prisms and acoustooptic Q-Switching. Mechanical Q-Switching methods require periodic maintenance and calibration to retain optimal efficiency.

SkinClear TA-2 utilizes a proprietary, organic saturable absorber for its method of Q-Switching inside the laser cavity. When the passive crystals become fully saturated with the 1064 nm energized photons, they quickly release the stored photons in a nanosecond burst of pure 1064 nm energy. The passive crystal method of Q-Switching, by design, offers the same high-speed release of energy as devices utilizing mechanical switching, but with improved reliability, economy and longevity. SkinClear TA-2 also requires less maintenance due to having fewer optical elements inside the laser cavity.

Self Contained Laser Handpiece

No more cumbersome, delicate articulated arm and mirror systems. SkinClear TA-2 features a high performance optical cavity contained within an easy-to hold laser handpiece. The direct delivery laser handpiece replaces the high maintenance articulated arm and multiple mirror systems used in many other lasers. The laser handpiece is low-maintenance, requires no alignment and requires only an annual recalibration. The short optical cavity produces a higher “Q” (i.e., quality of the cavity relative to loss of energy) with lower energy loss and a desirable high powered laser pulse. The compact, self-contained cavity produces a direct delivery output pulse with a flat (“top-hat”) beam profile. ‘Direct Delivery’ provides even distribution of laser energy to the target, with minimal risk of collateral damage
to the tissue.

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