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2008 Cynosure Accolade Tattoo Removal

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2008 Cynosure Accolade Tattoo Removal Q-Switched Alexandrite; Manufactured 02/2008; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner; Pulse Count = 787,046, Lamp Count = 543,038; Software Version: V110; Includes: Handpieces with Spot Sizes 2, 3, 4, 5mm, & Brand New in Package Handpieces with Spot Sizes 2, 4, 5 & 6mm, Key, Operator Manual, Operator Eyewear, Patient Eyewear, Water Refill Kit, and 90 Day Warranty


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System Type:Q-Switched Alexandrite
Maximum Fluence per Spot Size:
2mm:18 J/cm2
3mm:10 J/cm2
4mm:5 J/cm2
5mm:2.8 J/cm2
Maximum Rep Rate:10 Hz
Aiming Beam:Red Diode Laser
Electrical Requirements:220 VAC, 20A, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Size (H x W x D):104 cm x 38 cm x 64 cm (41′ x 15′ x 25′)
Weight:123 kg (200 lbs)

The Pigmented Lesion and Tattoo Laser You Need

The Accolade is ideal for treating a full spectrum of benign pigmented lesions, including solar lentigines, acquired dermal melanocytosis, Nevus of Ota, Nevus of Ito, and the common freckle. It also treats multicolored tattoos.

Faster Treatments, Excellent Clearance

The Accolade’s various spot sizes, coupled with high repetition rates, allow for fast lesion and tattoo treatment.

A fiber-delivered, high-powered Q-switched pulse is available through a variety of spot sizes:

* Small spot sizes for high fluence treatment of dermal pigmented lesions and tattoos
* Medium spot sizes for efficient treatment of tattoos and epidermal pigmented lesions
* Large spot sizes for low fluence treatments for larger areas of the skin with pigmentation

Efficient and Consistent

* High-powered, Q-switched Alexandrite laser
* Flexible fiber delivery system for ease of use
* Homogenous beam profile for uniform and consistent delivery of energy
* Accurate aiming beam—treatment is delivered in exact location
* Mild treatment to maximize patient comfort
* Nanosecond technology to maximize photo-disruptive effect

More Energy, Less Side Effects

State-of-the-art technology allows for delivery of a more clearly defined, homogenous beam profile with specificity for melanin and tattoo pigments—limiting side effects to surrounding tissue.

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