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2008 DermaWave BTL 5000 No Needle Mesotherapy

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2008 DermaWave BTL 5000 No Needle Mesotherapy; Manufactured 11/2008; Excellent Operating & Cosmetic Condition, Single Owner; Includes: (2) Handpieces, (1) Cart, (15) Application Disks – (5) Large, (5) Medium, (5) Small, (2) Applicators, (2) Electrodes (Grounding Pad), (2) Sponge Covers, (4) Connecting Wires, Accessory Computer Cords, Operators Manual, (1) Eyewear, (4) CDs – Support Info, Clinical Examples, Instructional Movie, “Today Show” Feature, Monitor Cover, Power Cord, Stand, and 90 Day Warranty


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DermaWave BTL 5000 Series – DermaWave No Needle Mesotherapy™

DermaWave No Needle Mesotherapy™ is a non-surgical procedure used to treat and smooth cellulite, or dimpled skin on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. DermaWave No Needle Mesotherapy™ on the face helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Mesotherapy treatments have been used to treat cellulite for over 50 years. Previous Mesotherapy treatments involved injections of very small amounts of naturally occurring substances and minerals into the fatty layer to reduce dimpled areas characterized by the appearance of a “cottage cheese” appearance. Unlike these previous techniques which involve a series of injections that may be painful or cause unsightly bruising, the DermaWave No Needle Mesotherapy™ eliminates the need for injections and therefore will not cause discomfort during the treatment series.

DermaWave No Needle Mesotherapy is a new device and technique to drive these natural substances, a specially formulated gel, into the fat without pain and without bruising. It is a new technique called Aquaphoresis, which uses specialized electrical waveforms to help reactivate specific physiological processes in tissue that contribute to the formation of cellulite. A very low energy laser and a sequence of specialized electrical currents are used to carry the substances into the tissue. A smooth, plastic disc is gently rubbed in a rotary motion over the treatment area for about 20 minutes, repeated weekly. The only sensation is a very mild tingling. NO pain, NO needles. We recommend approximately 15 treatment series with quarterly maintenance treatments to maintain optimum results.

-Removes the barriers created by Needle Mesotherapy
-Patients with a low pain threshold can now receive Mesotherapy
-Patients can shorten time between treatments and enhancing the effectiveness
-Larger areas can be treated
-Patients can return to normal activities sooner

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