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2008 Lux 1440 Fractional Hand Piece for Starlux 500

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2008 Lux 1440 Fractional Handpiece for Palomar Starlux 500. Manufactured June 2008. Total Pulse Count: 44,175. Used for fast, well tolerated, non ablative resurfacing treatments with little to no downtime. 90 Day Warranty included. (sf)


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Wavelength: 1440nm
Spot Size: 15mm (470 microbeams); Microbeam Density: 320 spots per cm2; Max Repetion Rate: 2.5 pulse per second; Max Energy: 10mJ/microbeamBenefits: Rapid, non ablative skin resurfacing with little to no downtime. Lux 1440 is your fastest available fractional, non ablative skin resurfacing solution. Unprecedented speed for comfortable skin rejuvenation on the face, chest and arms. Features fractional microbeams that create hundreds of micro columns of coagulation. Patented non ablative technology aids comfort. the result is a fresher, clearer skin appearance with little to no downtime. Key advantages: Fastest available treatments; Clearer skin with little to no downtime; Treats a full face in about 12 minutes; Wider fractional columns for efficacy.
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