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2008 RevecoMed Lipotron 3000 Lipo-Ex

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2008 RevecoMed Lipotron 3000 Lipo-Ex Fat and Cellulite Reduction Machine, Great Operating Condition, Includes 4 Handpieces, Cart, Operators Manual, 90 Day Warranty, FREE SHIPPING and INSURANCE


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Energy Type:Radio Frequency
Frequencey:484 KHz
Output Power:300 Watts
RF Method:Capacitive Coupling
Heat Depth:15 mm
Available Hand pieces:Mono(polar) 20mm, Mono 30mm, Mono 40 mm with Chiller, Mono 50mm, Mono 70mm, Bipolar 30mm, Bipolar 50mm, Bipolar 70mm

The Lipotron 3000, or Lipo-Ex, is a Face and Body Dermal Heating System. Applications are for Skin Tightening, Fat Mobilization, Cellulite, and Chronic Pain Relief

LIPO-EX uses bipolar capacitive coupling, which results in a deep, uniform electric field under the entire electrode surface. This uniform electric field allows you to deliver volumetric heating at controlled temperatures to the treatment area (see chart below). Lipo-Ex heats and breaks down the fat cells, which then pass through the lymphatic system and out of the body through natural processes of elimination. The melted fat simply leaves the body naturally without pain or discomfort.

Proven Results

CT scans, body circumference messurements, and weight measurements have all confirmed that Lipo-Ex offers 2-3 inches in circumference loss and up to ten lbs. in weight loss in just 4-6 weeks. Current study results showed an average reduction of subcutaneous and visceral fat of between 16 to 25 square inches after only five sessions.

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