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2009 Sciton Profile with BBL and NdYag

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2009 Sciton Profile with BBL and NdYag, Manufactured: 03/2009, Excellent Operating Condition, The unit is fully functional and barely used; Never needed maintenance. Pulses: BBL=46,664; YAG=207,163; Includes: Broadband Articulated Delivery Arm; 2mm/3mm hand piece; 4mm/6mm hand piece; Single 1064-nm Module with Scanner: Nd: YAG Laser; BBL broadband pulsed light module; 420 Blue filter; 515, 560, 590 skin rejuvenation option; 590, 640, 695 hair removal option; 15mm x 15mm adapter; HighFluence Integrated Scanner for ClearScan / ThermaScan; 250 Watt Thermoelectric Cooling System; 25-mm Sapphire Cooling Window; 50-mm Sapphire Cooling Window, Includes: Key, Operators Manual, Footswitch, and 90 Day Warranty


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