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2010 Lux1540 Handpiece for Palomar Starlux 500

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2010 Lux1540nm Handpiece for Palomar Starlux 500; Not able to calibrate, Not in functional position, both 10 and 15 mm tips are in excellent functioning condition; Single Owner; Total Pulse Count = 23,567; Includes: 10mm & 15mm Attachments. SOLD AS IS.


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Wavelength:1540 nm
Pulse Width:10 ms and 15 ms
Spot Sizes:10 mm, 12×12 mm, 15 mm
Energy 10 mm:14-70 mJ/microbeam
Energy 12 x 12 mm:20-70 mJ/microbeam
Energy 15 mm:3-15 mJ/microbeam
Lux1540: Fractional non-ablative laser for skin resurfacing and treatments of surgical scars, acne scars, stretch marks, and melasma.
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