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2010 Sound Surgical/Solta VaserShape NonSurgical Liposuction

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2010 Sound Surgical/Solta VaserShape Nonsurgical Liposuction; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner; Manufactured 10/2010; Software Version: Genmed 13, Model: MC1; Ultrasound Hour Count = 95 hours 9 min, Zonal Massage Hour Count = 38 hour, 4 min; (1) Ultrasound Handpieces, (1) Zonal Massage Handpieces, Stylus Touchscreen Pen, Operator Manual, and 90 Day Warranty; Dr. will represent the device to Solta for 3 years; The Ultrasound Handpiece is good for 300 Hours of use, which is equal to a minimum of 600 treatments. Handpiece replacement cost: $9,000 from manufacturer, which equals a cost of $15 per treatment


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Laser Type:Ultrasound & Zonal Lymphatic Massage
Wavelength:Sinusoidal Modulate
Ultrasound Frequency: 1 MHz +/- 20%
Voltage:100/130 V
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Power:500 VA
Class:1 – Type B
Fuses:2 x 6.3 AT


Non-Surgical Body Shaping

The VASER® Shape device is an innovative, non-surgical technology with specialized handpieces for ultrasound energy delivery and zonal lymphatic massage. This unique, computerized technology is a perfect complement to your existing aesthetic practice, allowing you to treat patients who want to achieve their desired result without surgical body treatments.

VASER Shape treatments can shape, firm and smooth the body by:

Heating the fatty tissue layer
Reducing the appearance of cellulite
Improving lymphatic drainage and local blood circulation

Technology to grow your practice:
Adding VASER Shape technology to your treatment portfolio offers a full range of benefits to help build your new or existing body shaping practice.

Proven results from the first treatment session.

VASER Shape is a comfortable, massage-like treatment that only requires three to five treatment sessions for measurable results. In fact, recent clinical studies have shown VASER Shape technology to produce noticeable changes in just one treatment session. Immediate results keep a patient excited about the procedure and eager to return for future treatments.
Treatment versatility.

Multiple handpieces and program settings allow you to tailor each treatment to the needs of your patient – from more aggressive therapy to treat local problem areas and cellulite, to a gentle postoperative session after liposuction or other invasive procedure.

Improved patient experience.

VASER Shape delivers a safe and effective, non-surgical liposuction alternative with a comfortable patient experience, no pain and no downtime. This treatment allows you to attract a much larger audience of potential patients who are not interested in traditional, surgical body shaping procedures.
Improved patient retention.

Research shows that the more often patients come to your office, the more likely they are to commit to additional treatments and procedures. Repeat VASER Shape treatments encourage deeper patient loyalty and provide increased opportunities to expose your patient base to new treatment options.
Practice efficiency.

VASER Shape treatments can be performed by your staff members, leaving you free to handle other patients.

The VASER Shape technology uses a combination of ultrasonic diathermy and massage therapy to:

Reduce the appearance of cellulite
Improve local blood circulation
Relieve pain and minor muscle aches
Relieve muscle spasms

The VASER Shape System includes a lymphatic drainage handpiece and an ultrasonic handpiece with dual transducers that emit a double beam of controlled, overlapping ultrasound energy to smooth and shape the body by heating the fatty tissue layer.

Ultrasound and Massage in One System

The VASER Shape System uses two different handpieces to provide a combination of low frequency ultrasound and zonal lymphatic massage to heat the underlying tissue, encourage lymphatic drainage and improve local blood circulation. Controlled from one convenient central console, the system provides big impact in a compact space.

Ultrasound Handpiece
Hand-held unit uses dual ultrasound transducers to deliver a double beam of 1 MHz ultrasound frequency modulated at 20 – 60 kHz depending on the body application.

Dual transducers direct an overlapping, controlled ultrasound beam to treat fatty tissue between 1cm and 5cm below the skin surface.
Variable power and frequency modulation settings can be tailored to patient tolerance with a maximum power setting of 7 W/cm2.

Lightweight handpiece with on/off controls is easy to move and operate, with a high level of technician control.

Zonal Massage Handpiece
Vacuum-assisted massage helps to open lymph nodes pre- and post-treatment to encourage the removal of excess toxins and lipids.

The special Elastomeric Membrane gently lifts, folds and compresses the tissue following a sequence of movements specific to each area being treated, in order to improve lymphatic, arterial and venous circulation.

Multiple membrane options are available for lymphatic massage and drainage applications.

Variable vacuum strength settings can be chosen depending on patient tolerance.

*Does the manufacturer SOLTA charge the new owner a ONE TIME equipment RECERTIFICATION FEE for service? Yes
Consumables Required: (1) Mineral Oil – can be purchased through outside source.
Ultrasound Handpiece – can only be purchased thru the manufacturer; The Ultrasound Handpiece is good for 300 Hours of use, which is equal to a minimum of 600 treatments. Ultrasound Handpiece replacement cost: $9,000 from manufacturer, which equals a cost of $15 per treatment.
*Updated 04/07/2014

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