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1997 Fotona SkinLight Erbium Yag Laser

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1997 Fotona SkinLight/TwinLight 220A Erbium (2940 nm) Yag Laser; Good Operating Condition; Base Unit Pulse Count: 328,505; (2) Handpieces, Footswitch, Key, Operator Manual, (3) Operator Eyeware, (1) Patient Eyeware, and 30 Day Warranty.


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Wavelength: 2940 nm Erbium Yag
Pulse Count: 328,505
Electrical: 230V
Input Power: 2 kVA/16A
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Energy Provided: 1 pulse from 60 mJ – 100 mJ

Indicated Uses:
– Treats Spot Sizes – 1.5 mm to 7 mm
– Fine Lines
– Wrinkles
– Pigmented Lesions
– Acne Scarring
– Some Tattoos

Manufacturer’s Notes:

Fotona’s Skinlight Er:YAG laser for dermatology and aesthetic surgery was introduced into the market in 1995. Soon after their introduction, Er:YAG lasers were accepted as precise, effective and safe tools in dermatology for the removal of benign superficial lesions. The Er:YAG laser ablates tissue in very thin (1-5 microns) layers, due to very strong absorption of its 2940 nm wavelength in tissue water. Lesions are precisely removed with minimal thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. Another group of indications, in which the Er:YAG laser is showing its treatment superiority, is hypertrophic scars. Patients who have suffered serious scars from accidents have been treated with the Skinlight Er:YAG laser in 4-6 sessions over 4 week intervals. The results show better than 80% clearance, and patients who are extremely satisfied with their recovery.

Er:YAG (infrared, 2940 nm)
The Er:YAG laser has the highest absorption in tissue because of its high affinity for water and is therefore perfectly suited for precise tissue ablation. In laser dentistry the Er:YAG laser is recognized as the laser of choice for hard tissue applications, allowing cold optical drilling in enamel, dentin, bone and composite fillings, without heating the surrounding tissue. In aesthetics and dermatology, this laser source is recognized as the gold standard for laser surgery and skin resurfacing, allowing extremely precise, micron layer-by-layer ablation of the epidermis.

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