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2005 Dornier Medilas D Skin Pulse S Laser

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2005 Dornier Medilas D Skin Pulse S Laser, Manufactured: 02/2005, Serial Number: 940689, Excellent Operating Condition, Includes: Footswitch, Operators Manual, EpiSpot D Handpiece and Accessories, Angio Spot Handpiece and Accessories, 3 Pair Operator Eyewear, Key, and 90 Day Warranty


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Wavelength:940 nm Diode
Peak Energy:120 Watts
Pulse Options:Continuous or pulsed wave operation
Fibertom Mode:Fiber tip temperature feedback control for smooth and safe cutting
Applications:Varicose veins, spider veins, ENT surgery, coagulation, ablation, contact cutting, interstitial coagulation

The 940 wavelength of the Dornier Medilas D SkinPulse S is ideal for endovenous laser treatment . The procedure is a revolutionary, minimally invasive treatment for the removal of varicose veins. The Dornier Medilas D SkinPulse S is also highly effective for use in the following areas:

– Phlebology
– Urology
– Laser Induced Thermal Therapy (LITT)
– Gynecology
– Neurosurgery
– Orthopedics
– Gastroenterology
– Pulmonology
– Hemangioma
– Pediatric Surgery

Unique Safety Features

The Dornier Medilas D SkinPulse S offers unique safety features. The LPS, Light guide Protection System, immediately powers off the laser if excessive carbonization occurs at the applicator tip. This ensures that the applicator tip is not destroyed by overheating inside the body and reduces the risk of tissue damage. The cutting mode offers optimized cutting quality and keeps the fiber tip temperature within defined limits.

Easy to Use

The Dornier Medilas D SkinPulse S is easy to use. A graphic display shows all functions and parameters which can be selected or changed by the push of a button including time functions, irradiation dose and various application modes. Application set-up is quick and easy with stored treatment parameters and irradiation programs.

Ergonomic Design

The compact design, low weight and functional layout of the Dornier Medilas D SkinPulse S results in high portability and flexible use. The telescopic pull-out handle and wheel base allow the unit to be transported easily and the small footprint enables the unit to fit almost anywhere including a table top, endoscopy rack, ceiling mount and more.


The most obvious characteristic of the diode laser is its high economy. Increased reliability and low maintenance costs are a result of the exceptionally long operating life of the diodes and the system design which does not use a pump lamp.

Low operational costs due to long service life

Low power consumption due to extremely high efficiency level

Low space requirement due to compact design

Option of device-sharing due to ease of transportation

Shorter operation times

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