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2009 RA Medical Pharos EX-308 Excimer Laser (vw)

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2009 RA Medical Pharos EX-308 Excimer Laser; Manufactured 05/2009; Good Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner, Last serviced in 2012 and has not been used since 2013; Includes: Handpiece, Handpiece Tips, Key, Operator Manual, (3) Operator Eyewear, Footswitch, and 90 Day Warranty.(vw)


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Does the manufacturer RA Medical charge the new owner a ONE TIME equipment RECERTIFICATION FEE for equipment service? Yes

Recertification Fee: $15,000 – Includes 1 Year Maintenance and Gas Refill Service

Are consumables needed for this device? Gas Must be Refilled 1x a Year

Cost of Gas Refill & 1 Year Maintenance Service: $7,900

Can Service be obtained from an OUTSIDE SOURCE? No

RA Medical: https://www.ramed.com/

Telephone: 1-760-804-1648

Toll Free: 1-877-635-1800

*Information updated: 04/2016


Laser Type:Xenon Chloride (XeCl) Monochromatic UVB Phototherapy

Wavelength:308nm +/- 1nm

Pulse Repetition Rate:up to 150Hz

Pulse Width:20 to 50nS

Output Energy per Pulse:Up to 15mJ Max

Output Fluence:2 to 5mJ/ cm2, 3mJ/cm² nominal

Delivery:1.5m, Liquid Filled Fiber Optic

Beam Size:Adjustable from 18mm to 2mm

Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance:18cm from the Laser Aperture at the Hand Piece

Electrical Inputs:115VAC, 7A, 47Hz to 63Hz; 230 VAC, 3.5A, 47Hz to 63Hz

Gas:Custom 98% Neon with Less than 2% XeHCl Mix – Not User Serviceable

Gas Life:Approximately 1 Year – Dependent on Use

Weight:Approximately 106 lbs (48 kg)

Size:36cm Wide by 66cm Long by 82cm Tall (14″ x 27″ x 32”)

Operating Temperature:15 degrees C to 35 degrees C

Laser Classification:Class 4 per 21CFR 1040.1 and IEC 60825-1


Indicated Uses:



Atopic dermatitis


PHAROS excimer lasers are xenon chloride (XeCl) lasers that deliver concentrated, high-dose monochromatic 308nm UVB phototherapy directly to psoriatic and depigmented lesions limiting exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. Unlike conventional UVB systems that emit wavelengths from 290 to 320nm, PHAROS excimer lasers deliver only monochromatic 308nm, an efficacious wavelength for treating psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, and leukoderma. Continuously adjustable with constant fluence, PHAROS’ infinitely variable spot size handpiece and aiming beam allow targeted treatment of affected tissue quickly, easily, and accurately while limiting exposure to healthy skin.

It also means that psoriasis patients may need fewer treatments than with traditional phototherapy.

Moreover, while each patient is unique, psoriasis patients may enjoy several months of treatment-free remission.

For vitiligo patients, repigmentation may begin after as few as 6 sessions. While the degree and speed of repigmentation is greatly effected by the anatomical location of the disease, some treatment regimens consist of 15 to 30 sessions on a twice weekly schedule.

For both psoriasis and vitiligo patients, these positive patient outcomes encourage patient compliance and enhance satisfaction.

The PHAROS EX-308’s unique lightweight handpiece features an integrated adjustable spot size and corresponding brightly-lit aiming beam. By gently sliding the finger-switch on the handpiece, the laser beam is easily contoured to match the size of the lesion for fast targeted treatments.

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