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2011 Cynosure SmartLipo MPX 46 Watt – Low Price!

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2011 Cynosure Smartlipo MPX with SmartSense, 1064 nm, 1320 nm, and Multiplex Module with up to 46 Watts of Smartlipo MPX Blended Power; Manufactured 02/2011; Like New Operating and Cosmetic Condition, Single Owner, Inspected 2/2014, Meets all OEM (Service Record Available Upon Request); Includes: (2) Large Smartsense Handpieces, (1) Small Cynosure Handpiece, (2) Accelerometer Cables, (1) Large Medium Cannulas, (1) Small Cannulas, (2) New 600 um Fibers, (2) Used 600um Fiber, Micro Fiber Stripper, Cleaver, Key, Footswitch, Security Dongle, Interlock, Cleaver Block, Water Refill Kit, Operator Manual, Operator Eyewear; Owner can arrange for installation in the USA for an additional fee and has a network of service providers to service this laser; Also Includes: 90 Day Warranty


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System Type:Nd YAG
Wavelength:1064 nm & 1320 nm
Pulse Width (msec):1064 nm = 500 us; 1320 nm = 1000 us
Power Output (max):1064 nm = 30 Watt; 1320 nm = 16 W
Maximum Rep Rate:40 Hz
Aiming Beam:Red
Electrical Requirements:230 VAC/16A
Size:37.4″ H x 19.7″ W x 25.6″ D; 95 cm x 50 cm x 65 cm
Weight:220 lbs; 100 kg

Ideal Smartlipo MPX Treatment Applications:
Smartlipo MPX is ideal for smaller fat deposits, broad tissue heating, reduced bleeding, bruising and areas of skin laxity.

Proven to Perform
Proven to be Profitable

The novel Smartlipo MPX platform offers a solid state Nd:YAG laser capable of emitting laser radiation in two wavelengths: 1064 nm and 1320 nm. These versatile wavelengths can be used independently or can be blended using our unique MultiplexTM (MPX) technology to offer a better liposuction clinical outcome.

Smartlipo MPX — The Global Leader in Laser Assisted Body Contouring:

* Reduce liposuction treatment time with higher power and the clinical benefits of two wavelengths
* Features SmartSense and ThermaGuide: a unique intelligent delivery system for uniform energy delivery and added protection.
* Proven to drive patients to your practice with prominent Smartlipo brand recognition

What Does Multiplex Do?

In multiplex mode, first the Smartlipo MPX laser fires the 1064-nm wavelength, and the energy is distributed homogenously into the fat tissue. Then the Smartlipo MPX laser fires the 1320-nm wavelength, which has a strong absorption by the water. As the 1320-nm wavelength converts the hemoglobin to methemoglobin, it increases the energy absorption of the 1064-nm wavelength. Consequently, the surrounding small blood vessels coagulate immediately improving the hemostatic effect, as well as tightening the tissue* in the treated area.

Smartlipo MPX Features and Benefits

1064 nm Wavelength
Enhanced hemostatic effect for less surgical trauma and faster recovery
1320 nm Wavelength
Robustly absorbed by water resulting in high efficiency lipolysis
Enhances tissue tightening through coagulation
Sequential firing of 1064 nm and 1320 nm Smartlipo wavelengths in combination achieves optimal results

Better control of total energy delivered for enhanced security
Uniform treatment
Blended thermal and photomechanical effects for effective lipolysis and tissue coagulation
Up to 46 W of Smartlipo MPX Blended Power
Higher power potential = faster treatment time
Variable Modes
Versatility of using 1064 nm and 1320 nm alone, or with MPX mode
SmartSense and ThermaGuide
Targeted thermal and motion control for safer, more reliable results
The Smart Advantage: Intelligent Delivery

SmartSense and ThermaGuide harnesses the full benefits of motion and thermal sensing technology for precise and controlled body contouring.

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