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2011 Cynosure SmartSkin Co2

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2011 Cynosure SmartSkin Co2 with New Co2 Tube to be Installed; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner, Used for about 50 Treatments; Includes 90 Day Warranty.km


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System Type:Co2
Wavelength:10,600 nm
Power:30 W (max)
Output Mode:Multimode
Method of optical output:Articulated Arm
Aiming Beam:Laser Diode, 3 mW @ 635-670 nm
Electrical Requirements:100-115 V / 10 A (max) /50-60 Hz
Size: 46.1″ H x 18.1″ W x 24.00″ D (117 cm x 46 cm x 61 cm)
Weight:108 lbs (49 kg)
Evacuation System:Buffalo Filter Smoke Evacuator – Available Separately
Scan Area Size:15 mm x 15 mm (max)
Spot Size:350 um
Scan Mode:Normal, Interlaced and Autofill*, *Not available in ablative mode
Mode:Super Pulsed
Pulse Duration:0.2 ms – 2.0 ms (Fractional Ablative); 0.2 ms – 20.0 ms (Ablative)
Density:1 – 78% (Fractional Ablative; 78% (Ablative)
4″ Surgical Handpiece:
Spot Size d63:0.214 mm
Mode:Continuous, Pulsed and Super Pulsed

Smartskin+ is the most advanced, customizable micro-ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing workstation available.  Unlike other systems that have ‘one-size-fits-all’ settings, Smartskin+ provides completely customizable treatment parameters to match your patients clinical needs and downtime requirements.
Because no two patients are exactly alike.


Deliver Results as Individual as Your Patients

A full-featured CO2 laser, Smartskin+ provides highly customizable, cost-effective skin resurfacing treatments for more even tone, smoother texture, and markedly reduced wrinkles.

Smartskin+ delivers with:

Highly Customizable Control Settings

Expertly control the four key parameters to provide the most customizable settings for the most customized results:

• Customizable up to 30W.
• Achieve the penetration, depth, and collateral thermal injury necessary for the clinical results you and your patient desire.

• High peak power first phase rapidly ablates the tissue to minimize erythema.
• Adjustable low power second phase optimizes the energy delivered for tissue coagulation and neocollagenesis.

• Adjust density to expertly control the amount of ablation delivered for the clinical results and downtime expectations you and your patient want.
• Select the number of pulses delivered to fine tune the depth of treatment without increasing power.

Advanced Scanner Handpiece
• Scanner-based control buttons lets the user easily adjust scan settings.
• A single handpiece provides simple, fast treatments without the need to change out multiple handpieces.
• An included smoke evacuator adapter makes single-handed operation possible.
• A sterilizable tip means no costly disposable.

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