2011 Ulthera Ultherapy Ultrasound Skin Tightening - with (3) Transducers with 5,759 Lines Remaining - DeepSee Handpiece - Free Shipping (km/her) - Rock Bottom Lasers

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2011 Ulthera Ultherapy Ultrasound Skin Tightening – with (3) Transducers with 5,759 Lines Remaining – DeepSee Handpiece – Free Shipping (km/her)

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2011 Ulthera Ultherapy Ultrasound Skin Tightening System with (3) Transducers with 5,759 Lines Remaining ($5,759 Value) & DeepSee Handpiece;

Excellent Operating and Cosmetic Condition; Single Owner, Reason for Selling: Downsizing, Software Version: 2.1.1700;

Transducers Included: (1) Brand New/Unopened DS 7-3.0 2400/2400 Lines Remaining, Expiration Date = 12/14/2023; (1) DS 10-1.5 1609/2400 Lines Remaining, Expiration Date = 11/08/2023; (1) DS 4-4.5 1750/2400 Lines Remaining, Expiration Date = 12/13/2023; (Transducers are good for 2 years after expiration date)

Also Includes: Cart, DeepSee Handpiece, Key, 90 Day Warranty & Free Shipping within the Continental USA. (km/her5)

This Equipment is Fully Functional, Ready for Use, and Ready to Ship.

Financing Available.


Availability: 1 in stock


Consumable Required: Transducer

Cost Per Transducer = Outside Source Cost @ $1,695 for 2400 lines; Ulthera Cost @ $2400 for 2400 lines;

Treatments per Transducer = 3-4

  • Does the manufacturer Ulthera charge the new owner a ONE TIME equipment RECERTIFICATION FEE for the purchase of consumables and service? Yes
  • Ulthera Recertification Fee Cost: @$30,000
  • Can Consumables be purchased from an outside source? Yes.  Transducers may be found on eBay, or other online retail stores.
  • Can service be obtained from an outside source? Yes. Rock Bottom Lasers can refer a technician to you for service.

Information updated: 01/2022


Energy Type: Ultrasound

Transducers:multi-patient use, region-specific


DS-4-4.5: 4 MHz, 4.5 mm Treatment Depth, Up to 8 mm Image Depth

DS-7-4.5: 7 MHz, 4.5 mm Treatment Depth, Up to 8 mm Image Depth

DS-7-3.0: 7 MHz, 3.0 mm Treatment Depth, Up to 8 mm Image Depth

Height: 15.3″

Width: 16.5″

Depth: 13.0″

Weight: 22 Lbs

Control Unit: Touch screen interface


Why Ultherapy?

Ultherapy provides non-invasive facial tissue lifting for consistent, natural results

Full face and neck treatments in 45-60 minutes

No patient downtime

Well tolerated with proper expectation and comfort management

No skin cooling necessary

Complementary to other aesthetic treatments

Simple, efficient, profitable solution for lifting and toning of lax skin

Customize treatments for a broad range of patients

Micro-Focused Ultrasound for Predictable, Clinically Proven Efficacy

Clinical evaluation demonstrated that one Ultherapy treatment can reliably produce significant tissue lifting over a period of 90 days with no downtime

86% of subjects were found to have clinically significant eyebrow lift

The mean value of maximum eyebrow height change was 1.9mm

Post-treatment effects were limited to transitory mild erythema and edema

An Energy-Based Aesthetic Technology Like Nothing Seen Before

Visualize tissue layers to 8mm using patented DeepSEE technology. This capability is core to the safety and efficacy of the Ulthera System

Therapeutic capacity allows the precise delivery of micro-focused ultrasound energy

Thousands of tiny, discrete coagulation points, at multiple depths, are created to begin the neocollagenesis cascade

Deep, precise placement of focused energy at 4.5 and 3.0 mm depths

Tissue is heated to an optimal temperature between 65-70 Degrees C

Focused energy bypasses the uppermost layer of skin, leaving it undisturbed

* Shipping is included in the Continental USA only. Any shipment outside the lower 48 United States will be shipped at an extra cost. If you live outside this area, please contact us for a free shipping estimate.

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