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2012 Syneron ePrime

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2012 Syneron ePrime Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenation; No Manufacturer Recertification Fee Required for this Unit – owner has agreed to represent equipment for purchasing consumables and service; Excellent Operating & Cosmetic Condition, Single Owner, Only 7 Patients Treated; Software Version; Includes: (1) Handpiece, (12) Single Use Cartridges, Operator Manual, Brochures, and 90 Day Warranty, & No Recertification Fee


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Laser Type: Radio Frequency
RF Frequency:460 +/- 5 kHz
Maximum Output Voltage:84 Vrms
Channels:7 independent bi-polar channels
Control System Mode:PID temperature control
Target Temperature Range:65 – 75 degrees C, 149 – 167 degrees F
Treatment Duration:1 – 7 seconds, 0.2 second increments (3 – 5 second recommended range)
Electrical Requirements:100 – 240 VAC; 2.5 A; 50 – 60Hz, single phase
Weight:23kg, 55 lbs
Dimensions:125 x 46.5 x 44.5 cm, 29.5 x 18.5 x 17.5 inches

What is ePrime?
The ePRIME™ System from Syneron and Candela is a minimally invasive RF aesthetic device designed for the treatment of aging skin. It offers unmatched precision and control of energy to naturally produce new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to predictably restore a youthful appearance.

How does it work?
ePRIME inserts 5 pairs [multiple arrays] of 32º, electrically isolated, bi-polar RF needles 1-2 mm into the skin automatically from a single use cartridge attached to the ePRIME applicator handpiece. Distinct, fractionated zones of thermal injury are created as RF energy is delivered into the deep reticular dermis for a specific period of time at predetermined temperature settings. Thermocouple wires inserted in each of the needles measures dermal temperature; thermal injury is assured as real-time temperature monitoring adjusts energy ten times a second to achieve target temperatures. The resulting specific injury to dermal collagen causes the body’s naturally occurring cascade of healing responses, ultimately resulting in both neo-collagenensis and neo-elastogenesis. Treatment variability is eliminated and the patient’s individual healing assured.

What Makes ePrime Different?
ePRIME is the first minimally invasive aesthetic device to precisely target and deliver RF energy directly into the deep dermis for dramatic tone, volumetric and elastic improvements of the skin. Unlike other approaches that require multiple treatments due to uncertain energy delivery, you can be assured that ePrime will deliver the treatment temperature you specify in a single treatment.

ePRIME’s patented Intelligent Feedback Systems (IFS) measures impedance and monitors temperature real time to constantly adjust power levels regardless of varying skin conditions or skin types.

* Real Time Dermal Temperature Monitoring for Precise Thermal Injury Control
* Reduce Treatment Variability; Enhance Result Constancy between Patients
* Improved Treatment Outcomes—Skin Tone and Laxity
* Unique Treatment outcomes—Dermal Volume and Elasticity

With ePRIME, physicians can achieve more predictable results in a single treatment while providing a positive patient experience. Here’s how:

* Patient comfort – Unlike many other noninvasive treatments that cannot use local anesthetic because it interferes with the treatment, the ePRIME treatment can be performed with a local anesthetic. This allows optimal treatment temperatures to be reached to achieve results while managing patient comfort. The patient’s response to pain is not used to determine how much energy is delivered as with other technologies, and there is no need to deliver lower, less effective energy levels to avoid patient discomfort.

* Results in a single, convenient treatment – Patients only need one treatment to rejuvenate their skin with ePRIME. There is no need to schedule multiple office visits to repeat treatments in order to achieve results. That means greater convenience and profitability for the physician and less downtime for the patient.

* Lasting results – The ePRIME treatment promotes the natural production of new collagen, new elastin and new hyaluronic acid over time to restore a youthful appearance.

What is dermal heating and why is it so important?
Experience have shown that achieving consistent clinical efficacy while maintaining patient comfort during treatment has long been a challenge for noninvasive RF systems. Most users agree that existing RF, IR and other bulk heating approaches to address skin laxity produce variable results, with some patients experiencing significant improvement and others none at all.

ePRIME treatments uniquely deliver more energy deeper into the skin than competitive, bulk heating and non-invasive fractional devices, which studies have shown result in greater dermal volume and improved skin elasticity. Since treatment variability is eliminated with ePRIME, improved treatment outcomes and increased treatment constancy can reasonably be expected from this new technology.

*Does the manufacturer Syneron charge the new owner a ONE TIME equipment RECERTIFICATION FEE for the purchase of consumables and service? Yes
*Recertification Fee Cost: @$20,000
*Can Service and Consumables be purchased from an OUTSIDE SOURCE without a recertification fee? Service – Unknown; Consumables – Unknown
*Information updated: 10/2013

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