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2017 Asclepion Astanza MeDioStar NEXT ReSmooth 810 nm & 940 nm Diode Hair Removal Laser - Free Shipping - (jp/pz)

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2017 Asclepion Astanza MeDioStar NEXT ReSmooth 810 nm & 940 nm Diode Hair Removal Laser; Manufactured on 08/03/2017; Reason for Selling: Downsizing; Handpieces Included: Standard, Vascular & XL with XL-S & XL-L Tips ; Also Includes: System, 90 Day Warranty & Free Shipping to the Lower 48 States & Canada. (jp/pz30)


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Type of Laser: Diode

Wavelengths: 810 nm and 940 nm



The ReSmooth’s SmoothPulse mode and the integrated skin cooling system allow for fast hair removal while having safe treatments with minimal discomfort.

The MeDioStar NEXT (ReSmooth) Diode Technology for fast hair removal laser incorporates dual wavelengths at 810 nm and 940 nm allowing you to reach even the deepest follicles for comprehensive hair removal. The XL-L and XL-S tips integrate an advanced cooling system and have been designed to treat both large and small areas for fast and effective treatments.

The ReSmooth’s industry-leading spot size at 9.1 cm2 allows for increased speed and less downtime between treatments. The machine will allow you to treat patients quickly, improving the efficiency of your practice and saving time for both you and your patients.

Available only in the United States.


The ReSmooth (MeDioStar NEXT)  is effective for a variety of aesthetic procedures:

  • Lasting hair removal
  • Non-invasive vascular treatments (e.g., leg veins, hemangiomas, other ectatic vessels)
Featuring Advanced Diode Technology and an 8.4” user-friendly touchscreen interface, the ReSmooth makes treatments quick and easy. The ReSmooth is designed with convenience in mind. Practitioners can adjust and customize settings according to the patient with a touch of a button.
The Astanza ReSmooth can be equipped with 5 different handpieces: XL with interchangeable large and small spot sizes, STANDARD, ALX, HP, and VAS. The Astanza ReSmooth is configured in two base packages, STANDARD handpiece or XL handpiece (XL-L and XL-S tips included). All other handpieces can be added individually.
* Shipping is included for the lower 48 United States & Canada only. Any shipment outside the lower 48 United States or Canada will be shipped at an extra cost. If you live outside this area, please contact us for a free shipping estimate.

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