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2017 Deka Smartxide Touch C60 MonaLisa Co2 Laser

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2017 Deka Smartxide Touch C60 MonaLisa Co2 Laser with Accessories; Manufactured in 09/2017; Good Operating & Cosmetic Condition; Reason for Selling: Downsizing; Includes: Key,Mona Lisa Attachments: HI DOT Scanner Handpiece, Internal Probe, External Vulvar Probe with Hard Case, Articulating Arm, Accessories with Hard Cases, Footswitch & 90 Day Warranty. (jp/cm10x)

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Laser Type:Co2
Wavelength:10,600nm, 10.6 um


MonaLisa Touch® improves and replaces the most common techniques for treating vaginal relaxation caused by the loss of tone of the mucosa.


Studies have shown that beneficial stimulation of the vaginal tissues, due to the CO2 laser emissions, restores the functionality of urogenital structures.


With its ability to stimulate vaginal hydration and lubrication, MonaLisa Touch® reduces symptoms of vaginal atrophy and dryness.


Laxity of the vagina and introitus can occur from vaginal delivery or to be part of natural ageing process. Vaginal laxity may be a bothersome condition to patients that may impact on “happiness and sexual function”. Thanks to the effective action of the D-Pulse, MonaLisa Touch® improves and replaces also the most common techniques for treating vaginal relaxation due to a loss of tone of vaginal mucosa. When inserted in the vagina by using the special probe of the HiScan V2LR scanning system, the laser acts directly on the mucosa of the walls, tightening, reshaping, toning and stimulating tissue and regenerating collagen.


Recent studies show that MonaLisa Touch® is largely effective in treating one of the most embarrassing symptom that seriously affects many women after childbirth or in menopause: mild urinary incontinence. The beneficial stimulation of vaginal tissues, due to the D-Pulse CO2 laser emission, re-establish the proper functionality of urogenital involved structures. This allows restoration of correct urinary continence, with a dramatic positive improvement in the quality of life, both physically and psychologically.


Postpartum sexuality is an important aspect of women’s health. Many women commonly experience postpartum sexual problems such as dyspareunia due to lactational atrophic vaginitis or following perineal trauma. Consequently, painful sexual intercourse is the most common sexual problem for puerperae and represents both a physical and psychological problem for many women and their partners.

In these situations, an early and sensitive management is crucial in preventing long-term problems.

Today, thanks to the capabilities of MonaLisa Touch® to stimulate tissue regeneration, it is now possible to resolve these situations delicately and safely. The treatment acts gently by stimulating collagen production, improving the functionality of the treated area and restoring the proper trophic balance of the mucous membranes.

Vaginal atrophy is a very common condition, especially among women in menopause (either natural or induced) or during post-partum. The vulvovaginal region is very sensitive to estrogen decline, with a series of consequences that impact directly on the quality of a woman’s life: weakness and laxity of the vaginal mucosa, dryness, itching and burning, pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia).
MonaLisa Touch ® is the only procedure proven not only by clinical results but also by detailed ultrastructural and histological studies. Scientific publications of the results demonstrate the effective tissue regeneration achieved thanks to the unique combination of the wavelength of the CO2 laser, the structure of the D-Pulse and adequate emission power.
With MonaLisa Touch ® comes a method, with a unique concept, for restoring the trophic conditions of the vulvovaginal region.
During menopause, the mucosa presents a particular condition with metabolically quiescent fibrocytes as opposed to fibroblasts, unable to actively produce collagen, hyaluronic acid and other molecules needed for an adequate glycoprotein ground matrix. This can result in dry mucosa because it is dehydrated and less well nourished meaning it is fragile and more prone to infections.

With low water content in the connective tissue, both nutrients and lymphocyte defenses, which get to the lamina propria via the blood vessels, find it harder to migrate through the connective tissue matrix to reach the epithelium. Without nourishment, the epithelium thins, which reduces the shedding of superficial cells, resulting in decreased glycogen in the vaginal lumen. Numbers of lactobacilli, which feed on glycogen and serve to maintain proper acidity in the vaginal environment, are therefore reduced. The pH thus increases, favoring attacks by pathogenic bacteria and the onset of infections.
So the purpose of treating vaginal atrophy is to promote and recover pre-menopausal metabolic activity by means of a new synthesis not only of collagen, but also of hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans. This helps to regain hydrated mucosa that in turn restores a proper trophic supply to the tissues, thus reinstating all the functions typical of younger healthy tissue.
This is the stimulatory effect produced by the MonaLisa Touch®, treatment, whose laser action induces functional rejuvenation of the vaginal mucosa!

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