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Aesthera PPX Acne Treatment 10 Tips Box 1

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Aesthera PPX Acne Treatment 10 Tips Box, Box of 10 Small Tips Included in Box, No Expiration Date on Tips, Includes 30 Day Warranty, Product Code – Acne Box 1


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Source:Intense Broadband Light Source
Type:Flash Lamp (Xenon)
Peak Energy:Up to 45 KW
Pulse Energy:Up to 60 J
Pulse Width:Up to 20ms
Pulse Repetition Rate:Up to 2 Hz
Spot Size:20mm

The breakthrough painless treatments for:

1) Hair Removal
2) Acne
3) Pigmentation
4) Skin Rejuvenation
5) Vascular Treatment

Aesthera PPX – IPL with Vacuum Technology

Aesthera PPX is a new therapy that utilises photopneumatic energy and broadband light to target skin problems and produce an even skin pigmentation and complexion. It is up to five times more efficient at targetting the delivering of energy to the skin, whether the target be hair follicles, skin pigment or thread veins, whilst protecting the skin’s surrounding structures, than other broadband light or laser treatments.

It is also up to seven times faster than other light based treatments.
A new treatment without applying IPL gel on skin for operation.

PPx Therapy offers superior results with the most advanced treatment technology.
Treatments are gentle and painless.
PPx does not require pre-treatment with anesthetics or numbing creams.
Treatments are more hygienic with no risk of infection.

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