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1999 Medical Laser Technolgies LaserPeel - Erbium Facial System - Sold As-Is (km/bra)s

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1999 Medical Laser Technologies LaserPeel Erbium Facial System; Excellent Cosmetic Condition, Fair Operating Condition; Includes: Erbium Handpiece, Key, Operators Manual, Operator Eyewear, & Warning Sign; Sold As-Is, No Warranty is Included; Buyer Must Pick Up, or Pay for Shipping.(km/bra0)


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Wavelength: 2940nm, Erbium Yag


What is Deep Resurfacing with an Erbium Laser Peel?

As we age, the effects of sun damage and environmental pollutants take their toll on our skin, creating wrinkles and pigment irregularities, especially on our faces. An Erbium Laser Peel can be very successful at reducing or eliminating these conditions, and, in fact, it is the best way to address the problematic lines that occur around the mouth and eyes.

How does the Erbium Laser Peel work?

The erbium laser safely removes a layer of skin to a depth determined by operator. The depth of treatment will depend on the skin condition, your desired outcome and expectation for downtime. Treating skin with a laser stimulates the growth of new collagen, which improves the skin’s thickness and resilience. The skin surface will also re-grow with fresh, healthy cells, giving your skin a younger, rejuvenated appearance.

What conditions can be treated with the Erbium Laser Peel?

The Erbium Laser Peel is excellent for treating deep wrinkles, even in difficult to treat areas like around the mouth and eyes, scars, sun spots, actinic keratoses, and overall poor skin tone/texture.

How many treatments will I need?

Because the Erbium laser is capable of deep laser peels, excellent results are typically achieved after one treatment.

Will it be uncomfortable?

The comfort level of laser resurfacing varies from patient to patient and depends largely on the depth of treatment. For shallow treatments, the procedure is often tolerated with the use of a topical and subcutaneous local anesthetic.

How long will it take to recover?

Complete healing will depend on the depth of treatment. Healing times for shallow treatments are typically three to four days before patients resume normal activities.

What aftercare will I need?

You will be given skin care products and instructions on how to use them. Your skin will be sensitive to sunlight after the procedure, so you must avoid direct sun exposure until fully healed. It is recommended that you always use a broadband sunblock to avoid sun exposure and premature aging of your skin.

When should I see results?

The top layer of skin will re-grow and can be covered with makeup in about one week, at which time you will see noticeable improvements in your skin’s texture, tone, and wrinkle appearance. Deeper laser treatments also stimulate the growth of new collagen over the next four to six months. During this time, the skin may show increasing improvements in tightness and resilience.

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