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2006 Cynosure Triactive Diode Laser

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2006 Cynosure Triactive 808 nm Diode Cellulite Workstation; Manufactured 02/2006; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Full Service on 4/8/2013, Service Record Available Upon Request, Fully Functional and Ready for Use; Includes: (1) Large Handpiece, (1) Small Handpiece, (1) Handpiece Accessorie Kit, Cooling Fluid Tank, Extra Fuses, (1) Key, Protocol Handbook, Operation Manual, Marketing Material, and 90 Day Warranty


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System Type:Semi-Conductor
Wavelength:808 nm
Power:6×1 W (max)
Variable Aspiration:Frequency 0.5 – 5 Hz – Duty Cycle 10-90%
Electrical Requirements:110 VAC/3A 50/60 Hz
Size:47″ H x 19″ W x 24″ D (120 cm x 48 cm x 60 cm)
Weight:88 lbs (40 kg)

The TriActive Cellulite Workstation is the only over-the-counter laser cleared for laser cellulite treatment and temporary cellulite reduction. As such, you can choose the treatment providers – for greater procedure frequency. The TriActive facilitates the development of a more contoured, healthier-looking physique by smoothing and toning the skin anywhere on the body.

A Healthier-Looking Body—From Top to Bottom
Since all properly trained professionals-regardless of whether they hold a medical degree-are qualified to perform laser cellulite treatment with TriActive, you can authorize more of your staff members to administer cellulite reduction and other LaserDermology applications. With regular maintenance treatments, your clients will attain firmer, smoother skin—and you’ll attain greater procedure frequency, client throughput and revenue opportunities.
TriActive uses an innovative and painless treatment suitable for all body and skin types:
A comfortable mechanical massage/rhythmic aspiration distends the skin in various directions to enhance microcirculation—thereby increasing skin elasticity and improving lymphatic drainage.
Six diode lasers penetrate tissue to stimulate fibroblasts for collagen production—yielding smoother, healthier-looking skin.
Additional hand piece refreshes facial tissue and uncovers softer, more radiant skin for a younger-looking appearance.
TriActive also features therapeutic massage functionality-for relief of muscle pain.
The system can be used in combination with other therapies to enhance the outcomes of surgical and non-surgical procedures such as liposuction and dermal fillers.

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