2006 Fisioline Lumix 2 - Diode Red Light - Table Top Pain and Inflammation Therapy (km/per)s Rock Bottom Lasers

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2006 Fisioline Lumix 2 – Diode Red Light – Table Top Pain and Inflammation Therapy (km/per)s

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Like New 2006 Fisioline Lumix 2 – Diode Red Light – Pain and Inflammation Therapy; Manufactured 07/24/2006; Pre-Owned, Used Laser; Perfect Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner, Only Used for 2 Hours of Treatments; Reason for Selling: Not in Use; Includes: Handpiece, Operator Eyewear, Patient Eyewear, Operator Manual, Replacement Bulbs, 90 Day Warranty, and Free Shipping in the Lower 48 States & Canada.(km/per500)

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Laser Type: Diode Red Light Therapy & Infared Light Therapy

Applied Light Therapy: PULSED-SUPERPULSED INFRARED and CONTINUOUS laser diode in the wavelength of the RED



Photomechanical and photo biostimulant

LUMIX® 2 is a new double wavelength, portable laser therapy equipment, that can be used in outpatient clinics, at physicians’ offices, and physiotherapy clinics.

LUMIX® 2 uses laser energy transmission through optical fibers to transfer the laser light from the source to the treatment area. Together with the realization of an extremely versatile laser piloting device, this technique allows the LUMIX® 2 to mix two types of laser light on a single spot: RED (650nm) and INFRARED (910nm).

LUMIX® 2 is effective because BIDIODIC: high power laser diode in the wavelength of the PULSED-SUPER PULSED INFRARED and CONTINUOUS laser diode in the wavelength of the RED, that allows transmitting energy to the tissue at the different subcutaneous levels. The high performances, the different biostimulation of the two wavelengths, and the resulting thermal effect, allow the operator to work with rapid treatments.

The possibility to interact on the emission mode, through the power regulation and the INFRARED diode frequency, makes LUMIX® 2 extremely versatile for all the laser therapy uses in the medical and physiotherapeutic fields.

Tissue penetration

Among the factors allowing laser light to penetrate the human tissues, wavelength and peak power are essential. It is important for the laser beam to have a wavelength falling within the so-called “THERAPEUTIC WINDOW” i.e. 600 to 1400 nanometers. LUMIX® 2 laser produces beams in the wavelengths of 650nm (red diode) and 910 nanometers (infrared diode).

At the same wavelength, the peak power is indispensable to reach deeply in the tissue. Using a laser with high peak powers is therefore absolutely necessary to reach the deep layers: the peak power of LUMIX® 2 is 100W.


Pain Therapy


Post-Traumatic treatment of injuries

Myofascial Syndromes





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