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2006 Fotona Dualis XP Max Nd Yag Laser

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2006 Fotona Dualis XP Max Nd Yag Laser, Model M001-12F; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner; Includes: (1) S-11 Scanner, (1) R33 Handpiece, (1) R34 Handpiece, (2) Keys, (3) Operator Manual, (1) Footswitch, and 90 Day Warranty

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Wavelength:1064 nm
Max. Pulse Energy / Fluence:120 J, 600 J/ cm²
Max. Power:130 W
Pulsewidth Range:0.1 – 300 ms
Max. Frequency:75 Hz
Manual Spotsizes:2 – 20 mm
Scanner Spotsizes:3mm, 6 mm, 9 mm
Scanner Area:42 cm²
Beam Delivery Type:Optical Fiber
Compatible Handpieces:
S-11 Scanner:Coverage over 42 cm² with 3 mm, 6 mm, and 9 mm spotsizes
R33 Handpiece:Variable Spot Size from 2 to 10mm
R34 Handpiece:15 to 20mm Spotsize
Cooling:Handpieces provide the option to integrate cold air cooling into the handpiece assembly (Chiller sold separately)


Indicated Uses:
Laser Hair Removal
Acne Treatment
Vascular Treatment
Fine Wrinkle Reduction
Wart Removal
Pigment Reduction

An Unrivaled 130 Watts of Power for Faster Treatments
The Industry’s Largest Spot-size Range (from 2 to 20 mm)
The Largest Laser Scanning Area (42 cm²)
Accelera Mode for Superior Selectivity
VSP Technology for Greater Safety and Precision
Easy-to-Use Treatment Parameter Management

Aesthetic procedures represent a fast growing and
competitive treatment segment. With 130 W power and
120 J energy, the XP MAX delivers everything you need to
provide fast, safe and effective aesthetic treatments.

High Performance Aesthetic Treatments

Due to their homogenous absorption, deep penetration,
and effectiveness with all skin types, Nd:YAG laser
treatments are considered to be the gold standard for
procedures such as hair removal, acne and vascular
treatments. The XP MAX offers all this and more, with the
most powerful and advanced Nd:YAG technology available
on the market.

The XP MAX supports the industry’s largest manual
spotsize range (2 – 20 mm). Its Versa mode is perfect for
larger treatment areas and greater depths of penetration,
while the Accelera mode offers an edge in the treatment
of finer skin structures and imperfections, including
thin, lighter hairs, extremely fine vascular structures and

Fastest Hair Removal
When it comes to laser hair removal, the XP MAX is the
fastest and safest system on the market. The XP MAX uses a
superior hair removal technology that targets hemoglobin
in addition to melanin in the hair follicles. This technique
is safe for all skin types and is highly effective, even for
thin, light colored hairs that have less pigment.
With the addition of Fotona‘s high-performance S-11
scanner, the art of hair removal rises to new levels of
excellence with treatments that are simultaneously fast,
precise and comfortable.

Erase Veins, Acne, Warts & More…

Unlike most Nd:YAG lasers on the market, the XP MAX
is powerful enough to safely handle most common
transdermal vein procedures, enabling treatments for leg
veins, spider veins, telangiectasias, and hemangiomas. The
XP MAX’s laser light penetrates through multiple layers of
skin to collapse the walls of even the deepest and largest
veins, allowing the body to clear them away naturally.
For acne treatments, the XP MAX’s powerful Nd:YAG laser
with Accelera mode is able to stop acne in its tracks, quickly
and effectively. If clear skin is what your patients are
looking for, the XP MAX can provide it fast, without toxic
chemicals, side-effects or downtime. It is also an ideal
solution for other skin treatments such as skin tightening,
wrinkle reduction and wart removal.

Unmatched Scanner Versatility & Speed
With an extraordinary coverage of over 42 cm², the XP
MAX’s ultra-high-performance S-11 scanner provides the
maximum possible scanning area for larger treatments.
Three scanner spotsizes allow you to strike the perfect
balance between treatment efficacy, procedure speed
and patient comfort. The 3 mm spotsize is ideal for hair
removal as well as for:

improving skin tone, texture and tightness;
the industry standard 6 mm spotsize can be used for both hair
removal as well as vascular treatments,
and the 9 mm spotsize allows for maximum depth of penetration.

Accelera Technology for Superior Selectivity
The XP-MAX’s Accelera Nd:YAG laser technology generates
extremely short pulses of Nd:YAG laser energy, which
enhances the process of selective photothermolysis for
more effective targeting of specific tissue structures. In
addition, Accelera short-pulse technology is at the heart of
FRAC3®, an advanced three-dimensional treatment effect.
FRAC3® seeks out minuscule, pigmented imperfections in
the skin while leaving more surrounding tissue unaffected,
resulting in faster healing times compared to conventional
fractional treatments. The FRAC3® effect can be applied to
enhance numerous aesthetic procedures, including hair
and wrinkle removal and vascular treatments.

Optimal Cold Air Skin Cooling System
The XP MAX offers the latest in easy-to-operate, noncontact
skin cooling technology that is designed to help
minimize pain and thermal injury during dermatological
treatments. The Cryo 6 Cold Air Device delivers a controlled
flow of cold air that naturally conforms to any body shape
without causing reflection and loss of laser power. Cold air
cooling provides maximum visibility and does not require
the ongoing purchase and replacement of refrigerant.


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