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2007 Cutera Prowave 770 Handpiece - Xeo, Hair Removal with Alex, Diode & near NdYag (vw) - Free Shipping

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2007 Cutera Prowave 770 Handpiece for Cutera Xeo Platform, for Laser Hair Removal with Alexandrite, Diode, and near Nd Yag; Refurbished, Excellent cosmetic and operating condition, Pulse Count = 0; Includes 90 Day Warranty and Free Shipping in the Lower 48 States.vw


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Wavelength:770 – 1100 nm, shifted based on Program A, B or C
Fluence:5 to 35 J/cm2
Spot Size:10 x 30 mm
Pulse Width:Automatic, based on Program A, B or C
Repetition Rate:Up to 2 Hz


Application & Technology Used

Laser Hair Removal
Alexandrite, Diode & near Nd:Yag

The Cutera ProWave (770-1100 nm) Handpiece for Hair Removal, combines unrivaled treatment speed with optimal results and safety. Maximum versatility is achieved multiple wavelength technology enabling treatment modes from Alexandrite to Diode to near Nd:YAG.

The greatest advantage of ProWave is the ability to “shift on the fly” from one output spectrum to another. By simply pushing a button, one can select the optimal wavelength range for specific skin types.

• ProWave’s versatility speaks for itself. Push button control automatically shifts the wavelength and pulse width tailoring the treatment to optimize hair removal efficacy.
• Fast treatment speeds save time and money. Time for an average back is 15 minutes, full legs in 10 minutes.
• No numbing cream is required — still another time-saver.

Total Pulse Life = 100,000 pulses

* Shipping is included for the lower 48 United States & Canada only. Any shipment outside the lower 48 United States or Canada will be shipped at an extra cost. If you live outside this area, please contact us for a free shipping estimate.

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