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2007 Quantel Viridis Derma KTP Laser

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2007 Quantel Viridis Derma KTP Laser, Serial Number = D1611, Manufactured 5/2007, Excellent Operating Condition, Recently Serviced, Includes, 1.5 mm Handpiece, 1 Pair Operator Eyewear, Operators Manual, Footswitch, Key, Interlock, and 90 Day Warranty


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Laser Type:KTP Nd-Yag
Operating Mode:Single pulse, multi-pulse
Beam Diameter:0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 mm
Output Power: 5 Watts
Energy Density:7-60 J/cm2
Pulse Width:24 – 127 msec
Rep Rate:1-10 Hertz
Power:100-240 V, 350 VA, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 43 cm X 26.5 cm X 50 cm

The KTP laser system with patented Multipulse for removal of superficial venal and pigment changes

VIRDIS DERMA is a KTP laser with a wavelength of 532 nm. This makes it especially suitable for coagulation of superficial vascular and pigmented lesions. The patented MultipulseTM makes it possible for the first time to use this wavelength to also treat larger vessels. This makes it especially suited for doctors that treat vascular lesions in the face and in the legs:

Vascular Indications

Red superficial vessels in the face and legs, such as:
•Spider navi
•Naevi flammei (port-wine stains)

Pigmented Skin Changes
•Café au lait spots
•Solar lentigines

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