2007 Syris Scientific V600 Vein Visualization Eyewear/Headpiece with Waistband Remote - Rock Bottom Lasers

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2007 Syris Scientific V600 Vein Visualization Eyewear/Headpiece with Waistband Remote

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2007 Syris Scientific V600 Vein Visualization Eyewear/Headpiece, Polarizing Vision Image Enhancer, Headlamp with Waistband Remote; Excellent Operating and Cosmetic Condition, Single Dr. Owner; Includes: Additional Headstraps, Additional Lenses, Waistband Battery Pack with On/Off Switch, Power Supply, Carrying Case, Operators Manual, and 90 Day Warranty


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Light Output:26W Halogen with focused aperture illumination pattern
Magnification:3 or 5 Diopter
Focal Distance:8-14 in (0.2-0.36 m)
Power Supply Input:100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power Supply Output:13.8 VDC, 3 A maximum
Storage Dimensions:23 in x 13 in x 10 in (0.58 m x 0.33 m x 0.25 m)
Shipping Weight:8 lb (3.6 Kg)


The Syris v600 Visualization System combines high-powered, color corrected illimunation with the hightest quality optical filters to produce optimum light density for use with laser goggles during laser procedures. Comine this with changeable magnification and you have the complete Visualization System for all of your needs.

Features and Benefits:
Revolutionary patented subsurface technology allows the user to see approsimately 1 mm below the skin surface.
Our patented cross polarization technology literally shows you what’s under the skin and allows you superior targeting of telangiectasia and spider veins.

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