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2008 Lutronic Spectra VRM III Tattoo Laser

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2008 Lutronic Spectra VRM III Tattoo Laser, Q-switched Nd Yag, 532, 1064, 585 and 650 nm Wavelengths. Excellent Operating Condition operating at full power. Manufactured: 2008, Received Inspection and Preventive Maintenance February 2016. Includes Footswitch, 1 Pair Operator Eyewear, 532/1064 Handpiece, 585 and 650 Dye Handpieces, and 90 Day Warranty


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Laser Source:Nd:YAG
Wavelengths:532 nm, 1064 nm, 585 nm and 650 nm (dye handpieces)
Operating Mode:5-7 nanoseconds
Pulse Duration:Spectra mode = 300 microseconds
Maximum Energy:Q-switched mode = 1,000 mJ, Spectra mode = 1,500 mJ
Beam Profile:Top Hat (Uniform) Mode
Optical Delivery:Articulated arm
Aiming Beam:Diode 655 nm (Red) 1 mW, adjustable brightness

The Lutronic Spectra VRM is an award-winning laser system designed for use in a wide range of dermatological and aesthetic procedures. This powerful Q-switched Nd:YAG system is clinically effective for a variety of benign pigmented lesions, tattoos and more. Offering two distinct wavelengths at 1064nm and 532nm, the Spectra VRM (with optional solid dye handpieces) reliably removes even colored amateur, professional and traumatic tattoos with precision and ease. With the optional solid dye hand pieces, the VRM series can double its capacity in treating an assortment of tattoo inks.

A special feature of the VRM Series is the addition of the Lutronic “Spectra Mode” that extends the range of procedures that can be performed to include laser peeling, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal and melasma treatments.

In combination of Spectra Mode and a carbon-based lotion, this soft laser peel feature is specifically designed to emit a quasi-long pulse of 300 microseconds to create photothermal energy to heat the skin’s thin layer of collagen and fibroblast, resulting in a younger and healthier looking. Together with consistent shot-to-shot stability, the VRM is a true workhorse for cosmetic treatments such as photo rejuvenation, non-ablative resurfacing, fine wrinkles, acne scars, and pore size reduction.

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