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2008 Promoitalia ProSlimelt Fat Reduction Laser

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2008 Promoitalia ProSlimelt Low Frequency Ultra Sound Laser for Localized Fat Reduction; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition, One Owner; Includes: (1) Set Twin Transducers, Operator Manual, Power Cord, & 90 Day Warranty


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Power: 5 Watts/cm2, 80 Watts per treated spot
Frequency:30 khz – 70 khz
Sweep Time:3″ – 30″
Changeable:Parameters, Treatment Time, Power, Sweep Time

Proslimelt is a technology based on low frequency ultrasounds with a controlled emission and a radical diffuser. Two probes allow to work in a quicker manner and with an ultrasound emission that may be both continued or pulsed, depending on the type of fat that will be worked on. An avant-garde touch screen will allow to program the treatment desired in a simple and quick way.


• Fat reduction
• Adipose tissues
• Cellulite

Low Frequency Ultra Sound Technology for Localized Fat Reduction.

Aesthetic Application:
Improves Body Shape
Reduces Fat Volume

High Frequency Therapeutic Ultrasounds (1 to 3 MHz) have long been used for the analgesic, coagulating and de-fibrotic properties.

However, high-frequency ultrasounds do not produce desired results on subcutaneeous fat. Hence, the use of low-frequency ultrasounds for the treatment of lipodystrophies.

Ultrasound technology is non-invasive, involves no radiation, and avoids possible hazards such as bleeding, infection, or reactions to chemicals.

Low-frequency ultrasonics waves have three principal effects.

1) Depolymerization or the molecular dislocation of triglycerides and the increase of their fluidity.
– Lipolysis of the ejection of fatty acids from adipocyte cells due to stable cavitations and an increase in adipocyte cellular permeability.

2) Adipocte lysis (disruption)

3) Defibrosis through the defibrinolytic mechanical action on bulk tissue present in the hypoderm.

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