2009 Dornier Medilas D Flexipulse Portable 900nm Diode Varicose Vein Treatment - Table Top Unit - Free Shipping - (km/agg)ts - Rock Bottom Lasers

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2009 Dornier Medilas D Flexipulse Portable 900nm Diode Varicose Vein Treatment - Table Top Unit - Free Shipping - (km/agg)ts

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2009 Dornier Medilas D Flexipulse Portable 940nm Diode Varicose Vein Treatment, plus more; Manufactured 04/2009; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Office Owner, Received Full Maintenance Service on 12/15/2020, Service Record Available Upon Request, Equipment is Fully Functional at Highest Levels; Includes: AngioSpot Handpiece, iSpot Handpiece, Key, Warning Sign, 90 Day Warranty, and Free Shipping in the Lower 48 States, & Canada.(cart not included).km/agg5


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Laser Type:Diode


Weight:35 lbs

Screen:Color Touch Screen



Benefits of FlexiPulse

Treats spider veins

Treats varicose veins

Serves a variety of surgical applications

High power

Advanced safety

Variety of flexible fibers

Intuitive operation

 Office-based procedure

Local anesthesia

30  45 minute procedure

Virtually no post-operative patient recovery time

Minimal learning curve for the physician

Cost effective

Reimbursement available

Increased physician revenue streams

Equipment has FDA-clearance


Vascular Lesions

Vascular Surgery





The Dornier Medilas D FlexiPulse is a 120 watt (peak pressure) diode continuous wave laser with a 940 nm wavelength. This state-of-the-art, high performance laser uses Power Bar technology and 940 nm wavelength making this versatile system ideal for endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins, superficial veins, ENT applications and a variety of surgical applications. The Medilas D FlexiPulse also includes unique safety features including the LPS, Light guide Protection System and cutting mode.

Aesthetic Applications

Unlike conventional short wave laser systems, the Medilas D FlexiPulse can be used to reliably occlude larger vessel lumens. The lower melanin absorption makes treatments possible that are far gentler to the skin and less painful for patients.

Surgical Applications

The 940nm wavelength of the Dornier Medilas D FlexiPulse is ideal for endovenous laser treatment. The procedure is a revolutionary, minimally invasive treatment for the removal of varicose veins.

Easy to Use

The Dornier Medilas D FlexiPulse is easy to use. A graphic display shows all functions and parameters which can be selected or changed by the push of a button including time functions, irradiation dose and various application modes. Application set-up is quick and easy with stored treatment parameters and irradiation programs.

Ergonomic Design

The compact, lightweight, and functional design of the Dornier Medilas D FlexiPulse results in high portability and flexible use. The telescopic pull-out handle and wheel base allow the unit to be transported easily and the small footprint enables the unit to fit almost anywhere including a table top, endoscopy rack, ceiling mount and more.

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