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2009 Sandstone Matrix LS-25

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2009 Sandstone Matrix LS-25; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition; Manufactured 09/2009; Includes: Ultrafine-FS Fractional Scanner, Fractional Head, Focused Head, Footswitch, Key, Operators Manual, (2) Operator Eyewear, (1) Patient Eyewear, and 90 Day Warranty


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Laser Type: Sealed Laser Tube
Wavelength: 10.6 Microns
Mode: TEM 00
Power to Tissue: Up to 40 watts
Laser Operation Modes: CW / Super Pulse
Tissue Exposure Modes: Continuous / Single Pulse / Repeat Pulse
Super Pulse Peak Power: 200W
Aiming Beam: 2MW Pilot Beam
Delivery System: 7 – Jointed Spring – Balanced Articulated Arm
Working Radius: 135CM
Cooling System: Closed Loop Liquid Cooling
Control: Microprocessor Controlled
Electrical Input: 110 VAC/60HZ; 220-VAC/50HZ/ +/-10%
Dimensions: 260 x 310 x 960 (MM)
Weight: 38KG (84lbs.)

Matrix Co2

Ultrafine Fractional Technology

Indicated Uses:
Fractional Skin Resurfacing
Vein Removal
Skin Tag Removal

* The Matrix Fractional CO² laser optimizes traditional CO² treatments by introducing MicroAblative Columns (MACs) into the tissue while preserving untreated skin in-between spots.

* This promotes rapid re-epitheliazation and long-term collagen remodeling while offering the patient comfort level and convenience that approaches non-ablative resurfacing.

* Engineered in such a way that gives the physician precise control over the treatment intensity.

MicroAblative Density Options
The Ultrafine Fractional Scanner provides practitioners the flexibility to choose the area of skin left untreated. MicroAblative Column (MAC) density options are adjustable from 200 microns up to 2-millimeters. Thus allowing practioners to tailor the treatment to the indication and patient’s tolerance of downtime.

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