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2010 Canfield Visia

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2010 Canfield Visia; Good Cosmetic and Excellent Operating Condition, Single Office Owner; Software Version: 5.2.0; Includes: Visia Generation 5 Booth, Portable Cart Stand, Dell Computer with Flat Screen Monitor and Keyboard, HP Officejet 6000 Photo Printer, Operators Manual, and 90 Day Warranty. km


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Focus:Automatic focus; Automated white balance correction
Imaging:Multi-spectral Imaging 1.Standard daylight flourescent lighting 2.Cross Polarized flash 3.Ultraviolet lighting
Weight:37.5 lbs.
Electrical:100-240V; 50/60 Hz
Estimated Dimensions with Cart: 30″(L)x60″(H)x30″(W)


VISIA Complexion Analysis

With increased demand for anti-aging and lifestyle-driven procedures, the VISIA Complexion Analysis System is a timely addition to any medical practice or spa offering treatments for skin rejuvenation and ongoing skin care.

Repeatable facial photography:
Ensure reproducibility of images between time points with built-in positioning aids and standardized lighting.

Automatic masking:
VISIA software automatically delineates facial areas for analysis.

User-friendly interface:
VISIA’s attractive, intuitive interface quickly gets your staFF up to speed.

Full face view:
The entire facial area, from chin to hairline, is viewable on the VISIA display.

Frontal and side analysis:
VISIA allows you to perform facial analysis on left, right or frontal views. Every aspect of a client’s skin condition can be clearly measured and displayed.

Quantitative assessment of skin features:
Measure spots (pigmentation), wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, brown spots, red areas, porphyrins, and photodamage.

Image export:
Easily transfer images from VISIA to
PowerPoint, Word, or other programs.

Grading of skin relative to peer group:
Using the world’s largest skin feature database, compare your patient’s skin age with others of the same chronological age and skin type.

Multi-spectral imaging:
Use standard, cross-polarized and UV photography to record and measure surface and subsurface skin condition.

RBX Technology:
Processing of subsurface Red and Brown features provides unequaled visualization of conditions such as rosacea, spider veins, melasma and acne.

3D viewing:
Visualize the skin’s surface in three dimensions from any angle, rendered in natural skin tone, color relief, or gray scale.

Zoom & pan:
Select any area of the face and zoom in for a close examination of fine detail. The on-screen overview window allows easy image navigation.

Aging simulation:
Simulate the aging process to show clients older or younger by 5–7 years for spots, wrinkles or both.

Product recommendations:
VISIA’s extensive product and treatment library makes it easy to add descriptions and photographs of your recommendations to high-impact printed reports.

Customized reports:
Provide patients with easy-to-understand, personalized reports including your recommendations for treatment and skin care.

Integration with Mirror medical imaging software:
Harness the power of Mirror to get even more out of your VISIA images.

Multiple database options:
Organize patients as needed, such as by physician, esthetician, or site.

Networking option available:
Access images and conduct consultations on networked PC workstations, other VISIA systems, or centralized databases.

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