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2010 Ellman Cynosure Surgitron Dual RF S5 – Pelleve – Wrinkles, Cutting & Coagulation

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2010 Ellman Cynosure Surgitron Dual RF S5 – Pelleve for Wrinkle Reduction, Surgical Cutting and Coagulation; Good Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner, Reason for Selling: Downsizing; Includes: (1) Reusable Foot-Controlled Handpiece for Surgical Procedures REF # IEC-HPI, (1) Reusable MicroInsulated Needle Handpiece REF # H136, (1) Needle Electrode Set, REF # XA, (1) Ball Electrode Set REF # XD, (1) Rhinophyma Electrode Set, , (1) Varicose Vein Electrode, (1) Reusable 3-Button Fingerswitch Handpiece for Skin Firming REF # IEC-3FHPB, (1) Single Use Button Fingerswitch Handpiece for Skin Firming Cat # IEC-3FHPT/D, (1) Single Use Bipolar Cable, Grounding Pad, Footswitch, Cart, and 90 Day Warranty. (km/isa4)


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Wavelength:Radio Frequency – Monopolar & Bipolar
Maximum Frequency:4.0 MHz Monopolar & 1.7 MHz Bipolar
Maximum Watts:120 W
Indicated Uses:Surgical Procedures (Standard) and Wrinkle Reduction (with GlideSafe Wrinkle Treatment Handpieces)

Powered by advanced radiowave technology, the patented Surgitron Dual RF S5 energy source provides unparalleled surgical PRECISION in soft tissue cutting and coagulation. The high frequency of 4.0 MHz minimizes thermal tissue damage along the incision path1 . The S5 offers complete VERSATILITY, with more options for use in surgical and aesthetic procedures than other energy-based platforms, and including Pellevé accessories, revolutionary tools for the non-ablative treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles. The patented Surgitron Dual RF S5 redefines your surgical results with two distinct frequencies – 4.0 MHz (Monopolar) and 1.7 MHz (Bipolar) – for outstanding precision and control. The Surgitron Dual RF S5 and the Pelleve S5 RF energy sources are the only Ellman energy sources compatible with GlideSafe Wrinkle Treatment Handpieces. Surgitron® Dual RF™ S5 – IEC

Does this system require consumables? Yes, it does require grounding pads as well as disposable handpieces. All consumables can be purchased through 3rd party vendors.

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