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2013 Lumenis Lightsheer XC Factory Refurbished S/N 3693

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2013 Lumenis Lightsheer XC S/N 3693, Factory Refurbished 11/2013! SN: 3693, 400 ms, New Factory Handpiece and computer boards all replaced by Lumenis! Upgraded to 400 ms, Headroom = 1.58, this is A LIKE NEW SYSTEM! They all have no treatment shots on the handpiece and only a few thousand factory testing shots on the boards. All in factory packaging with 2013 refurbish dates on them. Includes: New Diode Handpiece, Cart, Key, Footswitch, Operators Manual, 2 Pair Operator Eyewear, and 6 Month Warranty


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LaserType:AlGaAs Diode Arrays
Wavelength:800 nm
Repetition Rate:Up to 2 Hz
Spot Size:12 mm (square)
Fluence:10-100 J/cm2
Pulse Width:5-400 ms OptiPulse
Peak Power:2900W
Electrical:100-120 VAC, 16A, 200-240 VAC, 8 A, 50/60 Hz
Weight:114 lbs / 52 kg
Dimensions:14.5 W x 15 D x 38 in H / 37 x 38 x 97 cm

LightSheer: Setting the Standard for Hair Removal

The LightSheer XC is designed for busy practices and provides both high
energy and the most rapid coverage rate.

Hair Removal –
In response to the ever-increasing demand to remove unwanted hair on virtually any body area, the ability to offer superior results to the widest variety of patients is critical. The LightSheer Diode Laser System offers high powers and both short and very long (400 ms) pulses to safely and effectively treat all skin types including tanned skin and the broadest range of hair colors, diameters and depths. The recognized “Gold Standard” for hair removal, the LightSheer family of diode laser systems represents quintessential simplicity in a state-of-the art package.

The “Gold Standard” for hair removal with an unsurpassed library of clinically documented success:

– Treats all skin types including tanned skin, most hair colors, depths and diameters

– Patented ChillTip provides continuous contact cooling of the epidermis for maximal patient safety and comfort.

– Fast coverage rate with large 9×9 mm or 12×12 mm square spot and up to 2 Hz repetition rate

– No consumables, low cost of ownership

– Proven reliability and outstanding “up time” track record ensures that patient treatments can proceed on schedule.

– Compact and lightweight design allows portability between offices or movement between rooms within the same office.

Multi-Application Capability:

In addition to documentation of clinical efficacy with hair removal and permanent hair reduction, the LightSheer is also FDA cleared for the treatment of pseudo folliculitis barbae (PFB), benign pigmented lesions, and leg veins, providing the operator with multi-application capabilities and versatility.

Leg Veins – Approximately 50% to 60% of men and women have unsightly leg veins. While sclerotherapy is still considered the treatment of choice for the removal of superficial leg veins, many vessels may be too small to inject or patients may have an aversion to this invasive procedure. The LightSheer diode laser system can provide an alternative method of treatment that requires no painful injections.

Benign Pigmented Lesions – The LightSheer diode laser system can successfully treat a wide range of cosmetically undesirable benign pigmented lesions.

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) – PFB, or razor bumps, is a common condition in which the regrowing hair, after shaving, curves back towards and pierces the skin resulting in a pustule or papule. PFB is very prevalent in populations with curly hair, affecting nearly 85% of men of African decent and a growing number of women. The LightSheer’s excellent safety profile for all skin types including the darkest skin, makes it a safe, effective and revolutionary alternative for the treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae. Physicians desiring more information about LightSheer laser treatment of PFB can request a copy of Pseudofolliculitis Barbae A Treatment Module: Etiology, Medical and Laser Therapies authored by Fran E. Cook-Bolden, M.D. Ethnic Skin Specialty Group, New York, New York by filling out our Contact Us form.

The Right Choice for Optimal Safety and Efficacy
The LightSheer system was designed from the ground up for effective hair removal, providing unsurpassed safety and efficacy, reliability, and ease-of-use. Its advanced high-power diode technology delivers high fluence combined with a large spot size, user-selected pulse width, aggressive contact cooling and compression for high-performance, unmatched by other high-tech hair removal systems. Both in rigorous scientific trials as well as extensive clinical practice, LightSheer system has emerged as the gold standard in laser hair removal.

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