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2014 Eclipse Aesthetics Equinox Co2

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2014 Eclipse Aesthetics Equinox Co2; Manufactured 01/21/2014; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner, Received Full Maintenance and Certification That It is Operating Perfectly at the Hightest Energy Levels from Licensed Technician on 09/17/2017, Record Available Upon Request; Includes: (2) Keys, Footswitch, Interlock, Operator Manual, Warning Sign, and 90 Day Warranty.km


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Laser Type:Fractionated Co2
Power Output (continuous):1-30 W, 75 W
Power Supply:100-240V, 50/60Hz, 800 W
Pulse Energy:1-300mJ
Spot Density:2-40, 100%
Scan Area Size:From 1x1mm to 15x15mm
Scan Area Shapes:Square, Triangle, Circle (multiple sizes)
Operation Mode:Stamp, Moving (‘Auto ON’)
Length of Pulse:0.05 – 10ms
Display:Color LCD touch screen
Beam Divergence:<7mrad

A Fractional CO2 Laser
Provides highest quality treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, scar revisions, acne scars, hyperpigmentation.

CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing
CO2 laser skin resurfacing precisely removes the outer layers of damaged and aged skin to reveal the underlying layer of beautiful, smooth, and younger looking skin. CO2 laser technology is the most common used skin resurfacing surgery today. The latest CO2 laser resurfacing technology uses beams that are scattered or pulsed at a very rapid rate.
This method minimizes the exposure of heat that your skin undergoes which removes heat damage your skin would be exposed to as well as decreases after surgery recovery time. It also allows a higher power CO2 laser to be used to reach deeper tissue and more pronounced creases and wrinkles. Benifits of CO2 laser skin resurfacing include deeper scar and damaged tissue removal. By removing the damaged outer layer of skin, CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment can slow down and reverse the process of aging. Further CO2 laser treatments include uneven pigmentation, precancerous spots, photodamage, and many other skin imperfections and benign lesions.

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