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2014 InMode Aesthetics / InVasix BodyFX Handpiece Radio Frequency Body Contouring (km)t

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2014 InMode / InVasix Aesthetics BodyFX Handpiece Radio Frequency Body Contouring for the Fractora BodyTite Platform; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition; This Handpiece is Compatible with Newest Inmode Equipment; Includes: 90 Day Warranty. km


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BodyFX Handpiece: Operates on the Invasix Platform
RF Power: 30-60W
Vacuum: 300-500 mBar
Output Frequency: 1MHz
Temperature Monitoring: Real time temperature monitoring on BodyFX handpiece
Temperature Cut-off: Real time temperature measurements set by operator up to 43 degrees C
Electrical:100-240 VAC, 6A


Non-Invasive RF Body Shaping & Contouring

The BodyFX (formerly known as TiteFX) body contouring procedure provides the next generation of non-invasive lipolysis. BodyFX provides long lasting results for an improved and smoother body contour.

BodyFX uses clinically proven radio-frequency energy. RF has been demonstrated to provide tightening results on the skin.

BodyFX is registered for sale in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia.


* Superior non-invasive body contouring as an alternative approach to liposuction, or as an adjunct to liposuction
* Reduces circumferential dimensions
* Skin temperature feedback on operator handpiece provides immediate skin measurements to ensure a uniform treatment of the entire area
* Skin temperature cut-off to regulate skin temperature and provide an additional level of safety and comfort during treatment
* Ongoing clinical studies show improvements to smooth cellulite
* Ongoing clinical studies indicate no non-responders
* Targeted RF energy allows operators to treat areas that concern patients the most
* No patient downtime and minimal patient discomfort

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