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2015 Cynosure SculpSure 1060 nm Non-Invasive Lipolysis – with 2 Pac Keys

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2015 Cynosure SculpSure 1060 nm Non-Invasive Lipolysis with (2) Pac Keys and Owner will Represent for 1 Year for the Purchase of Consumables; Manufactured 11/2015; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner, Received Full Maintenance and Certification by Cynosure on 07/01/2016, Record Available Upon Request; Software Version: 2.2; Includes: (2) Pac Key (Consumable – $10,000 Value), Applicators, Appicator Belts, Key, Operator Manual, Operator Eyewear, Warning Sign, and 90 Day Warranty.km


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Pulse Width:CW
Power Output:50W Max Per Diode (240W Total)
Aiming Beam:None
Electrical Requirements:230 VAC (20 amp circuit required)
Size (HxWxD):57″x24″x36″ with arm, no umbilical loop; 68″x24″x36″ with are and umbilical loop
Weight:260 lbs with applicators, 248 lbs without applicators

Innovative technology to sculpt and define

SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis of the flanks and abdomen. It’s a state-of-the-art, controlled light-based technology, ideal for patients looking to get rid of stubborn fat.

Flat, non-suction applicator design for consistent results
Non-invasive 25 minute treatment
Simple and efficient attachment system
Hands-free device

The 1060 nm wavelength’s specific affinity for adipose tissue, coupled with minimal absorption in the dermis, allows SculpSure to efficiently treat areas of troublesome fat in just 25 minutes. Over time, the body naturally eliminates the disrupted fat cells with results seen as quickly as 6 weeks and optimal results usually seen in as few as 12 weeks.

Controlled hyperthermic fat reduction
• Elevates adipose tissue temperature between 42°C and 47°C
• No damage to dermal tissue
• Contact CoolingTM for patient comfort

Defined success: Up to 24% fat reduction1
• Clinically proven in multisite trials in over 100 patients
• Over 90% patient satisfaction rate2
• Comfortable and well-tolerated treatment3
• Can be used on all skin types

Consumables Required: Pac Key; Can be purchased through Cynosure. Cost: $5,000 per Pac Key; Uses Per Pac Key: 100

Does Cynosure Charge a Recertification Fee to a New Owner for the Purchase of Consumables and Service? Yes
What is the Cost of Recertification? $35,000

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