2016 Thermi Aesthetics Thermi250 ThermiSmooth - RF Cellulite Smoothing & Skin Tightening for the Face and Body - (km/sad)ts - Rock Bottom Lasers

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2016 Thermi Aesthetics Thermi250 ThermiSmooth – RF Cellulite Smoothing & Skin Tightening for the Face and Body – (km/sad)ts

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2016 Thermi Aesthetics Thermi250 ThermiSmooth Non-Invasive Radio Frequency Cellulite Smoothing & Skin Tightening System for Face & Body; No Thermi Aesthetics Consumables Required; Perfect Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner; Barely Used, Work Time = 43 Minutes; Includes: Thermi250 Trolley Stand, Body Handpiece, Face Handpiece, Bipolar Handpiece, Return Electrode, Operator Manual, and 90 Day Warranty.(km/sad6)

Original price was: $70,000.00.Current price is: $12,975.00.

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Emission Frequency: 470 kHz ± 10%

Output Energy: 250 W Max

Display LCD: Touch Screen 10.4”

Coupling System: Capacitive

Operative Mode: Automatic & Manual

Impedance measurement: Automatic

Termperature Control: Automatic

Temperature Adjustment: 37° ÷ 45° ± 1°C

Timer: Max 60 min adj.

Feeding: 110 VAC – 60 Hz

Dimensions with Stand: 68x61x117 cm (WxDxH)

Dimensions without Stand: 65 x 46 x 39 cm (WxDxH)

Weight: 15Kg

Safety Class: Class1 – Type BF


Handpieces: Face, Body, & Bipolar

Return Electrodes: 1 Return Electrode

Isolated Electrodes w/ Temperature Sensor (CET): 7: ø20, ø30, ø40, ø60, ø70, ø90, ø100 mm


Pre-Owned, Used Thermi250 ThermiSmooth for Sale.

Temperature Controlled Radiofrequency

Indicated Uses:

Skin Tightening

Cellulite Smoothing

Thermi250 ThermiSmooth therapy is one of a revolutionary new class of technologies to revitalize and smooth sagging skin without surgery, without pain, and without a recovery period. If you want to ward off the effects of aging, Thermi250 ThermiSmooth treatments may be the answer. While there are various methods to achieve firmer facial skin, Thermi250 ThermiSmooth has the reputation for being among the safest, most comfortable, and least invasive treatments available.

Thermi250 ThermiSmooth is a carefully controlled, non-invasive tissue heating procedure that uses a radiofrequency generation applicator pen to send energy into the dermis (the underlying structure of the skin, containing hair follicles, capillaries, nerve endings and other tissue). When your skin’s collagen reaches the proper temperature, the underlying collagen fibers tighten. The body’s natural inflammatory response to heat then works to trigger new collagen production. The treatment device is moved in a circular motion across the area being treated, with the energy entering the dermis without impacting the delicate skin surface. Our Los Angeles Thermi250 ThermiSmooth procedure is non-invasive, virtually painless, and one of the most advanced methods by which the body’s natural collagen production is activated, restoring the elasticity and firm qualities that have been diminished due to aging.

Thermi250 ThermiSmooth® Face is performed by using radiofrequency energy and a temperature-controlled handpiece. By using small, circular motions, your provider will gently roll the handpiece on the surface of your skin, while heating targeted tissues below your skin. Patients often say it feels like a warm massage.

Forehead, Eyes, Cheeks, Mouth, Neck

No downtime, No Surgery, For all skin types and tones.

Thermi250 ThermiSmooth for the Body.

Thermi250 ThermiSmooth Body treatments involve a larger treatment device. Multiple body areas can be treated in one session, to smooth, firm, and restore elasticity and provide a fresher, more youthful appearance to the skin. The various areas that can be rejuvenated and restored with this advanced treatment include:

Chest, breasts, and arms, abdomen, flanks, and back, Hips, buttocks, and thighs, knees, calves, and ankles

The full-body Thermi250 ThermiSmooth treatment is often remarked as being a relaxing experience, feeling similar to a massage.

Thermi250 is a high-powered, temperature controlled radiofrequency system emitting at 470 kHz, the most studied RF radiofrequency in aesthetic medicine. This platform is designed with a unique feature set and user-friendly graphic interface, which enables maximum versatility for targeting cellulite from eyes to thighs.

The Thermi250 Advantage

Power and Frequency: 250 watts at 470 kHz has the deepest potential penetration compared to other devices

Temperature Control: Enables clinician to use temperature as a clinical endpoint; no focal pain; reduced risk of arcing; slow movement

Temperature and Impedance Monitoring: Constant computerized power output adjustments to deliver accurate and gentle temperature endpoints

Capacitive Electrodes: Insulated monopolar electrodes transmit an energy field into tissue, which is deeper and more uniform in the volume of tissue

Monopolar and Bipolar: Dual modes enables highest level of versatility

Wide Array of Electrodes: (7 monopolar, 1 bipolar) Electrodes range in sizes from 20mm to 100mm; choose appropriate electrode for anatomical area and targeted tissue

Precision Depth Control: User selected depths (by electrode) from 20mm – 100mm

Does Thermi250 ThermiSmooth Require Consumables? Yes. What Consumables are Needed: Coconut Oil, or Ultrasound Gel. Does this Consumable have to be purchased from ThermiAesthetics? No

Minutes on ThermiSmooth 250 ThermiSmooth: Thermi Aesthetics removed the process of using minutes in 2016. The remaining minutes will count down and then go away. New owners will not need to renew the minutes or purchase more.

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