2017 Cutera Trusculpt 3D - RF Body & Neck Fat & Cellulite Reduction - INCLUDES CONSUMABLE SUPPORT (km/fri)tx - Rock Bottom Lasers

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2017 Cutera Trusculpt 3D – RF Body & Neck Fat & Cellulite Reduction – INCLUDES CONSUMABLE SUPPORT (km/fri)tx

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2017 Cutera Trusculpt 3D Radio Frequency Body & Neck Sculpting – Fat & Cellulite Reduction – with 3 Handpieces;

The Buyer will Not be Obligated to Pay the Recertification Fee in Order to Recharge the Handpieces, Recharge can be Purchased through a 3rd Party Vendor (see information below);

Manufactured: 12/29/2017; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition; Single Owner; Reason for Selling: Closing Down this Area of the Practice; This System Has Received Full Maintenance Service and Has Been Certified to be Fully Functional, Record Available Upon Request;

Included Handpieces & Life Remaining: (2) 3D 40 cm2 RF Body Handpiece = 11 Treatment Pulses Remaining & 4 Treatment Pulses Remaining, and (1) TruSculpt 16cm2 RF Neck Handpiece with 21 Treatment Pulses Remaining;

Also Includes: Keys,  Operator Manual, 90 Day Warranty and Free Shipping within the Continental USA, and Canada. (km/fri5)

This Equipment is Fully Functional, Ready for Use, and Ready to Ship.

Financing Available. All Major Credit Cards are Accepted within the U.S.A. & Canada.


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Consumables Required: The handpieces come downloaded with pulses/cycles.  Once the pulses/cycles are used the handpiece will require a re-charge.

  • Only one cycle is needed per treatment area
  • Can the recharge on the handpieces be purchased from an outside source? YES.
  • Third Party Handpiece Recharging: Parts4laser.com, 866-444-8883.
  • Recharge cost for Trusculpt 3D handpiece: $1,500
  • Recharge cost for Trusculpt 3D 16mm Handpiece: $1,500
  • Handpiece is sent to Parts4laser, it is recharged, and sent back  to you.

Additional Consumables Required: Bovie Disposable Split Adult Return Electrode (Can be purchased through eBay), Treatment Templates – small, medium & large.

  • Does the manufacturer CUTERA charge the new owner a ONE TIME equipment RECERTIFICATION FEE for the purchase of consumables and service? Yes, however, we do not recommend that you pay for recertification.  Handpiece Recharge and service can be obtained through outside sources.
  • Cutera Recertification Fee Cost: @$35,000
  • Can Handpiece Recharge be purchased from an outside source? Yes.  Once you purchase a Trusculpt 3D from Rock Bottom Lasers, we will provide you with the handpiece recharge business information.
  • Can service be obtained from an outside source? Yes. Rock Bottom Lasers can refer a technician to you for service.

Information updated: 05/2022


Energy Type: Radio Frequency

Massage: Yes

Temperature Sensing: Yes

Temperature Sensing Active Control: Yes

Treatment Activation: Fingerswitch

Area Treated: 16, 25, and 40 cm2

Electrode Shape: Square or Rectangle

RF Frequency: 1 MHz and 2 MHz

RF Type: Bipolar / Monopolar

Max RF Power: 300 W

Contact Material: Polyethylene (3M Tegaderm) and 316 SS

RF Output: 1 MHz

Voltage Range: 250 Vrms

Max Max Output: 300 W

Voltage: 100-240 Volts

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power: 900 VA Console

Dimensions: 12.5 x 20.5 x 36 inches

Console Weight: 73 lb 40 cm2


3D 40 cm2 Body Handpiece: for larger areas, including the abdomen and flanks

16 cm squared Handpiece: for small areas, petite patients or anatomically difficult areas, like the neck


truSculpt® 3D – A New Dimension in Body Sculpting

The rise in popularity of body sculpting can be attributed to two main factors: improved non-surgical treatment results and a population that values investing in themselves.

The truSculpt 3D body sculpting device is ideal for patients and practitioners alike. TruSculpt 3D is a unique, non-invasive, Monopolar RF system optimized to deliver Targeted, Repeatable and Uniform sculpting of problem areas for a TRU 3D result with no visual downtime. truSculpt 3D takes a multi-dimensional approach to decrease circumference and eliminate fat cells, by delivering and holding clinically therapeutic temperatures to the subcutaneous adipose tissue to achieve the clinical efficacy in the shortest possible treatment time with enhanced safety and comfort.

truSculpt 3D Technology

Experience TRU 3D Body Sculpting

Glide Technique

Achieve double the results in half the time with the truSculpt 3D glide technique that offers consistently impressive results in a shorter treatment time over a larger treatment zone.

Combine four 15-minute treatment zones in one session for maximum results in the most common treatment areas — the abdomen and flanks.

truSculpt 3D glide technique offers consistently impressive resultsan average of 24% fat reduction, in a short treatment time over a large treatment zone. One 60-minute session provides clinically proven results in the most common treatment areasthe abdomen and flanks.

Targeted RF Energy

The truSculpt 3D system uses a low frequency and high conductivity radiofrequency (RF) technology for deep penetration to treat the entire fat layer from skin to muscle while maintaining a comfortable surface temperature for patients. The fat cells are slowly removed and excreted through the body naturally.

Repeatable, Proven Outcomes

truSculpt 3D features a proprietary closed-loop temperature feedback mechanism that ensures therapeutic temperatures are met throughout each treatment. This means your patients are comfortable while consistently achieving results.

Uniform Delivery

truSculpt 3Ds patented handpiece design delivers uniform heat to the targeted area. The signature design eliminates potential hot spots and not only enhances patient safety and comfort but ensures that your patients get results. Now you can offer your patients the look they want with a fast, comfortable, non-invasive procedure.

truSculpt 3D Handpieces

  • 3D 40 cm2 Body Handpiece: for larger areas, including the abdomen and flanks
  • 16 cm squared Handpiece: for small areas, petite patients or anatomically difficult areas, like the neck

truSculpt 3D gives you the flexibility to non-invasively address the most common body sculpting concerns. With truSculpt 3D’s two handpiece options (40 cm2 and 16 cm2), you can decrease circumference and eliminate unwanted fat from large and small areas.

* Shipping is included in the Continental USA only. Any shipment outside the lower 48 United States will be shipped at an extra cost. If you live outside this area, please contact us for a free shipping estimate.

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