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2017 Cynosure Smartlipo Triplex SLT II with 1320nm, 1440nm & 1064nm

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2017 Cynosure Smartlipo Triplex SLT II with 1320nm, 1440nm & 1064nm; Manufacture Date: 07-2017; Excellent Operating & Cosmetic Condition; Total System Pulse Count = 1,063,782; Handpieces & Pulse Counts: 1320nm = 240,577 Pulses, 1440nm = 283,363 Pulses, 1064nm = 539,569 Pulses; Software Version: 2.1; Reason for Selling: Downsizing; Includes Key, Manual, Power Cord & 90 Day Warranty. jp/af


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System Type:Nd Yag
Wavelength:1064 nm
Pulse Width:500 ms
Power Output:40 Watts
Rep Rate:40 Hz

System Type:Infared
Wavelength:1320 nm
Pulse Width:1000 ms
Power Output:24 Watts
Rep Rate:40 Hz

Wavelength:Erbium Glass
Wavelength:1440 nm
Pulse Width:1000 ms
Power Output:15 Watts
Rep Rate:25 Hz

Aiming Beam:Red
Electrical:230 VAC/16A
Dimensions:38″ x 20″ x 27″

Triplex Advanced Laser Lipolysis System

Laser Lipolysis Redefined
Be ready to meet your patient’s ever increasing demands with the expanded clinical capabilities of Cynosure’s Smartlipo TriPlex the first multiplex triple wavelength laser lipolysis workstation that’s designed to treat all your patient’s body contouring concerns:

• More effective laser lipolysis
• Proven tissue coagulation resulting in tightening
• Reliable, controlled energy delivery
• Reduced liposuction treatment time and less downtime
• Less bleeding and bruising
• High-definition sculpting capabilities

Smartlipo TriPlex includes 3 wavelengths: 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm

The Smartlipo TriPlex laser is the latest generation of our laser lipolysis workstations. This new platform offers a solid state Nd:YAG laser capable of emitting laser radiation in three wavelengths: 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm. These versatile wavelengths can be used independently or can be uniquely blended using our MultiPlex technology.

The new and improved Smartlipo TriPlex design now has:

• 2x larger display
• Easier to use software interface
• Longer lasting ThermaGuide design

With 40X greater absorption in fatty tissue, the addition of the 1440 nm wavelength to Smartlipo significantly exceeds the performance of all diode lasers (924 nm and 980 nm) on the market.

See for yourself how 1440 nm has the highest absorption of fatty tissues over any other wavelength on the market.

Blend 1064nm + 1440nm to effortlessly disrupt fatty tissue with less downtime

Blend 1064nm + 1320nm to tighten tissue through coagulation in the subdermal layer

Ideal Smartlipo TriPlex Treatment Applications

Smartlipo Triplex is ideal for both smaller and larger fat deposits, tissue tightening, faster procedure times, fibrous areas or secondary liposuction cases, adipose specific technology and high definition procedures.

The right wavelength blend and intelligent delivery systems help you deliver the maximum Smartlipo TriPlex dose, safely.

SmartSense – ThermaGuide – ThermaView – Cynosure’s unique, intelligent delivery systems are so smart, they can help you prevent over-treatment, determine your endpoint and minimize complications with integrated temperature and motion sensing. You’ll find all three systems are available for Smartlipo TriPlex, the laser lipolysis system that started it all.

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