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2018 Alma Harmony XL Pro SHR Hair Removal Handpiece (jp/amm)

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2018 SHR Hair Removal Handpiece for Alma Harmony XL Pro; Manufactured on 03/07/2018; Perfect Operating & Excellent Condition, Single Doctor Owner; Pulses = 7,965; Includes: 90 Day Warranty. (jp/amm3)

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SHR Speed AFT – Virtuously Painless Hair Removal

A white paper demonstrated how SHR hair removal with AFT on the HarmonyXL platform is an effective method of hair removal that results in less discomfort to the patient. SHR is also mentioned as a safe method of hair removal for all skin types.

HR/SHR Handpiece – no pre-set expiration on pulses. The HR/SHR handpiece will easily go up to 1 Million+ pulses.

With a wavelength range of 780-950 nm, Speed AFT puts tremendous capabilities into your hands. Using the large 6.4 cm spot size, providers are able to perform more treatment sessions in less time. Larger body areas may be treated faster without sacrificing efficacy.

Speed AFT further helps providers rise above their competition with enhanced contact cooling, making sure your patients enjoy a comfortable treatment that they’ll tell their friends and family about.

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