2018 Cutera Asclepion Juliet - 2940nm Erbium Yag Skin Rejuvenation/Resurfacing & VAGINAL REJUVENATION - Has Received Full Maintenance & Service on 11/2023 - INCLUDES CONSUMABLE SUPPORT - Only 64k System Pulses - Free Shipping(zh/wir)s - Rock Bottom Lasers

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2018 Cutera Asclepion Juliet – 2940nm Erbium Yag Skin Rejuvenation/Resurfacing & VAGINAL REJUVENATION – Has Received Full Maintenance & Service on 11/2023 – INCLUDES CONSUMABLE SUPPORT – Only 64k System Pulses – Free Shipping(zh/wir)s

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2018 Cutera Asclepion Juliet for Skin Rejuvenation/Resurfacing & Vaginal Rejuvenation, 2940 nm Erbium Yag – Received Full Maintenance and Service, & Includes $600 of Vaginal Probes;


Manufactured 05/17/2018; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner; Received Full Maintenance & Service on 11/11/2023, Records Available Upon Request; Reason For Selling; Closed Business;

The device has been used for approximately 25 hours; Last serviced on 11/11/2023 – Record Available Upon Request.

Total Pulse Count: 64,763 Pulses

Includes 8 Vaginal Probes ($600 Value);

Also Includes: (1) Skin Rejuvenation Microspot Handpiece, (1) Vaginal Rejuvenation Steri-Spot Handpiece, (1) Operator Eyewear, (1) Patient Eyewear, Footswitch, (2) Keys, Operator Manuals, Treatment Guidelines, (1) Pink Smartcard With 8/150 Remaining Units,  90 Day Warranty, and Free Shipping in the Continental USA.(zh/wir15)

This Equipment is Fully Functional, Ready for Use, and Ready to Ship.

Financing Available.  Training is Available at an Additional Cost. Warranty Includes Cost of Parts, Labor, & Shipping or Travel.

Original price was: $125,000.00.Current price is: $22,975.00.

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Does Cutera Charge a One Time Recertification Fee for the Purchase of Consumables?  No, there is not a recertification fee for this laser.  Cutera no longer distributes this device.  All service and support has been turned over to the following company:

Astanza Laser
1810 S Akard St #500
Dallas, TX 75215
Phone: (800) 364-9010

You do not need to pay a recertification fee to get support for this laser.  Astanza Laser will provide training, consumables and service support for this device without a recertification fee.

Cost of Recertification: $0

Consumables Required: Disposable Vaginal Probe & Pink Smartcard

Cost for Consumables: Box of 12 Probes & Includes 150 Unit Pink Smartcard = $900 (Please contact Astanza to receive the latest price as this may have changed)


Laser Type: Erbium Yag

Wavelength: 2940 nm

MANUFACTURER NOTESfor Skin Rejuvenation

Juliet is a versatile multi-application platform utilizing an Er:YAG laser with the 2940 nm wavelength. This Erbium wavelength produces noticeable results with fewer side effects, due to its high peak absorption in water. Additionally, Juliet’s Erbium technology allows for a controlled thermal delivery to tissue, keeping the procedure safe for patients while being effective.

The Juliet laser incorporates a unique treatment protocol by delivering two passes of energy to tissue with minimal downtime and high patient satisfaction.

Juliet Technology

Juliet selectively targets the treatment area by delivering the right combination of ablation and coagulation for optimal outcomes with limited side effects.

Unique Two-Pass Approach

Juliet delivers two passes of energy.

  • The first pass uses ablation to vaporize the tissue and create micro-channels of injury.
  • The second pass uses coagulation to deliver a thermal injury to the area, which further stimulates the body’s normal wound healing process.

Minimal Downtime

Juliet provides a gentle treatment resulting in minimal downtime and a quick recovery.

Juliet Skin Rejuvenation Handpiece

Juliet provides comprehensive treatment options.

  • The MicroSpot handpiece is specially designed for skin resurfacing. The system-integrated smoke evacuator attaches to the Microspot handpiece to control and manage plume distribution for greater safety for the provider and patient.

Indicated Uses

  • Skin resurfacing 
  • Periorbital wrinkles
  • Perioral wrinkles
  • Lentigines
  • Café-au-lait spots
  • Becker naevi
  • Naevi Spili
  • Epidermal naevi
  • Xanthelasmas
  • Syringomas
  • Adenoma sebaceum
  • Milia palpebrarum
  • Actinic keratoses 
  • Seborrhoic keratoses
  • Morbus Favre-Racouchot

Treatment Parameters – Aesthetic Skin Treatments

The following parameters are provided as a guide only and are based on practitioner feedback.  Start with conservative settings and observe laser-tissue interaction and clinical endpoints to determine appropriate settings.  Adjust settings based on tissue response.

Light Peel (Conservative Treatment) 

Skin Types: I-VI 

Indication: Induces a light peel to improve photo damage and skin tone with minimal downtime.

Handpiece: MicroSpot

Treatment Mode: C 10% – All Skin Types

Fluence: 4 J/cm2

Interval: 0.0 s

Treatment Technique: Circular Painting Technique with handpiece distance gauge in light contact with skin. Treat each postcard sized area with 1 pass.

Treatment Interval: Every 2 weeks

Ablative Treatment  (Moderate to Aggressive Treatment)

Skin Types: I-V 

Indication: Resurfacing treatment to improve benign pigmented lesions. photo damage. Fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars

Handpiece: MicroSpot

Treatment Mode & Fluence: 

N 10%: Skin Types 1-111L.e ss ablation per pulse. more thermal effect.

E 10%. Skin Types 1-V. Deeper ablation per pulse. less thermal effect.

N10%· 5 – 10 J/cm’ (Initial Passes)

N10%. 5 J/cm2 (Final Pass)


E10%· 10 -40 J/cm2 (Initial Passes) 1.0

E10%. 10 J/cm2 (Final Pass) 6.0

Interval: according to user’s experience

Treatment Technique: 1-2 Passes – Single spot with 0-50%/overlap

Final Pass – Circular Painting Technique with handpiece distance gauge in light contact with skin to randomize pattern.

Scars or deep wrinkles may require additional passes or treatments.

Follow with micro Genesis treatment if desired.

Treatment Interval: Every 4 weeks

micro Genesis (Conservative or Moderate)

Skin Type: I-VI

Indication: Increases elasticity of tissue due to neocollagenesis.

Handpiece: MicroSpot

Treatment Mode: W 25%

Fluence: 4 J/cm2

Interval: 0.0 s

Treatment Technique: Circular Painting Technique with handpiece pulled away from skin (non-contact).

Skin Types 1-111: 4 – 6 inches from skin

Skin Types IV-VI: 6 – 10 inches from skin

Treat postcard sized areas on the face for 1-2 minutes in each area.

• Forehead • Penorbital • 1st cheek/Jawline • 2nd cheek Jawline • Penoral/Nasal

Treatment Interval: Every 2 weeks

MANUFACTURER NOTESfor Vaginal Rejuvenation

Erbium:YAG laser: the best option for intravaginal treatments

The Juliet laser treatment improves women gynecological health thanks to a minimally invasive treatment whose goal is the stimulation of new collagen and elastin production, along with an improved vascularization of the vaginal mucosa.

The procedure is performed by using the MCL31 Dermablate laser by Asclepion, a best selling laser worldwide in the field of aesthetic medicine. Similarly to the procedure used for facial rejuvenation, the Juliet laser treatment uses light energy to gently deliver energy to the tissue and stimulate it to produce new collagen.

Newly designed, single use STERI-SPOT handpiece

The specially designed STERI-SPOT handpiece allows for an easy insertion and for a very intuitive use and handling. It is delivered in single, sterile packages and is intended for single use only, guaranteeing you the maximum hygiene.

MicroSpot optic for gentle and more effective treatments

The STERI-SPOT handpiece features a patended MicroSpot optic with a squared spot of 9 x 9 mm, consisting of 169 MicroSpots. This optic allows the selective treatment of only “fractions” of the tissue in the form of a grid, made possible by splitting the laser beam into several hundred partial rays.

This triggers skin renewal and collagen formation with rapid wound healing, which is supported by the untreated skin and therefore involves a very low risk of side effects.

Rediscover the secret of your femininity

The effective, cutting-edge, hormone-free treatment concept for the MCL31 Dermablate for vulvovaginal conditions: Atrophy, Stress Urinary Incontinence and Tightening.

The newly designed Steri-Spot Handpiece combined with the latest Er:YAG technology allows fast and painless treatments, with no need for anesthesia or downtime.

* Shipping is included in the Continental USA only. Any shipment outside the lower 48 United States will be shipped at an extra cost. If you live outside this area, please contact us for a free shipping estimate.

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