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2018 New Sanhe Pinxel Microneedling RF with 6 Month Warranty

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2018 New Sanhe Pinxel Microneedling RF Device with 3 handpieces, Manufactured 2018; Device includes the ability to order ongoing consumables and tips direct from Manufacturer, No recertification fee required! Includes: 3 Handpieces: Microneedle Fractional RF, Non-Invasive Fractional RF, and and Cooling Head, Main Device Console, Footswitch, 1 box of 20 tips 25-Pin, 1 box of 20 tips 64-Pin; Operators Manual, 1 Day of On-Site Training, and 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty


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Sanhe Pinxel Specifications:
System Type:Mono & Bipolar RF
Total RF treatment Level:Up to Level 10
Dual Operation Mode:Fractional RF Micro-needle & Fractional RF Sub-Lative
Max. Energy:50W
Disposable Tip:Micro-electrode needle & Micro-electrode tip
Depth of Needle:0.5-3mm
Display:10.4 inch LCD
Switch Foot Switch
Dimensions:11 x 20 x 43″
Weight:44 lbs
Electrical Requirements:AC/100-240V, 50-60Hz

Pinxel-2 (Fractional RF Technology) allows the effective treatment of deeper dermis, epidermis, and upper dermis. The RF energy is emitted at the end of fractional RF micro-needle allow yo to treat the target area and deep dermis without any damage to the epidermis.

The fractional RF is useful for minimally invasive epidermal rejuvenation.

RF energy does not target pigment-making cells in the skin. Pinxel-2 cures and improves wrinkle, scar, skin rejuvenation, and skin tightening safely and efficiently with minimized PIH,using RF energy.

*Acne scar, Skin Tightening and Whitening, Wrinkle Removal;

*Non-surgical Face Lifting;

*Wrinkle Reduction ;

*Skin Rejuvenation (Whitening)

*Scars removal;

*Stretch Marks;

*Skin Tightening;

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