2018 Thermi Arvati Radio Frequency - with ThermiTight, ThermiSmooth Face w/ Eye Attachment, ThermiVA Vaginal Rejuvenation, and ThermiRase - Free Shipping - Tips Can Be Ordered Online(km/bc)s - Rock Bottom Lasers

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2018 Thermi Arvati Radio Frequency – with ThermiTight, ThermiSmooth Face w/ Eye Attachment, ThermiVA Vaginal Rejuvenation, and ThermiRase – Free Shipping – Tips Can Be Ordered Online(km/bc)s

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2018 Thermi Arvati Radio Frequency – with ThermiTight (Tighten & Lift Skin), ThermiSmooth Face (Non-Invasive Facial Rejuvenation) with Eye Attachment (Eye Area Skin Tightening), ThermiVA (Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation), and ThermiRase (Toxic Free Raising of Frown Lines), with Enhanced T50 Watt Generator;

Manufactured 12-10-2018; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition; Single Owner; Reason for Selling: Downsizing;

Includes: ThermiSmooth Handpiece, ThermiSmooth Eye Attachment, ThermiTight, ThermiRase, ThermiVA Wand, (10) Vaginal Disposable Wands, Rolling Cart, Operator Manual, Footswitch, (km/bc17)s;
The ThermiVa Wand Requires Disposable Wands. See Below for Online Retail Source for Purchasing the Wands.
This Equipment is Fully Functional, Ready for Use, and Ready to Ship.
Financing Available.

Original price was: $75,000.00.Current price is: $22,975.00.

Out of stock



What Consumables are Required for the ThermiVA application?

  • ThermiVA one time use disposable Vaginal Wands
  • Grounding Pads

Cost of Vaginal Wands:

Box of 5 vaginal wands and grounding pads = $750

Can the disposable Vaginal Wands be purchased from an outside source? Yes: www.aliexpress.us

What Consumables are Required for ThermiSmooth? None

Does Thermi  Charge a Recertification Fee to a New Owner for the Purchase of Consumables and Service? Yes

What is the Cost of Recertification? @ $30,000

What Does Recertification Include? 1-year extended warranty, CAC membership, Clinical training, & the Ability to purchase consumables directly from Thermi.


InPut Power: 100 – 240V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz

OutPut Power: 50 watts (maximum) 100 – 400Ω; 0-10 volts, in Stimulate Mode; 0-50 watts, in Denervation Mode

Maximum Output Voltage: 140Vrms

Operating Frequency: 460 kHz (+/- 10%)

Power Delivery Modes: Stimulate, RF

Set Temperature Range: 35-90 degrees Celsius; (+/- 3 degrees Celsius) this range varies for each Power Delivery Mode

Dimensions: 5.9″ H x 12.9″ W x 12.7″ D


Strut your stuff with ARVATI’s EPIC Technology

  • Emission of Continuous Wave – Optimized RF delivery provides consistent RF dosage and keeps you in control throughout the treatment.
  • Intelligent software – Real-time temperature monitoring for real-world results.
  • Control algorithm – A two-phased approach algorithm maintains a consistent temperature throughout the treatment for all modalities.

Included Applications:


Let ThermiTight® help you look as young as you feel.  By using radiofrequency energy and a small temperature-controlled probe, your provider will gently heat targeted tissues until the desired endpoint is achieved.  This gentle heating naturally stimulates your body’s own collagen, giving you natural looking results without surgery.

Controlled Subdermal Tissue Heating

Many people search for an effective and long-lasting way to combat the signs of aging without surgery.  By using radiofrequency energy, skin is heated to stimulate and re-build your body’s own collagen naturally.

For use on the entire body, including: Neck, Breasts, Arms, Abdomen, Thighs, and Knees;

Benefits: Single Treatment, Minimal Downtime, No Surgical Scarring, For All Skin Types and Tones

ThermiSmooth Face

Controlled Non-invasive Tissue Heating

Through the years, our face and body begin to reveal the signs of aging.  Although there is a wide spectrum of cosmetic solutions, patients are increasingly gravitating towards non-invasive options that offer natural looking results without surgery or downtime.

ThermiSmooth® Face is performed by using radiofrequency energy and a temperature-controlled hand piece.  By using small, circular motions, your provider will gently roll the hand piece on the surface of your skin, while heating targeted tissues below your skin.  Patients often say if feels like a warm massage.

For use on the face, including the forehead, eye area, cheeks, mouth, and neck.

Benefits: No Downtime, No Surgery, For All Skin Types and Tones


ThermiVa is a quick, non-invasive, non-ablative treatment delivering physician controlled radiofrequency energy using a thoughtfully designed hand piece to gently heat tissue.


ThermiRase® is a toxin-free, long-lasting approach to reduce unwanted facial and neck lines.

Toxin Free Disabling of Frown Lines

ThermiRase® is a toxin-free, long-lasting approach to reduce unwanted facial and neck lines;

With ThermiRase, a series of thermal lesions are created along the nerve pathways which control the muscles.

Your physician will locate the nerve, inject a drop of local anesthesia and apply heat for about one minute.  The heat will then disable the nerves, resulting in the reduction of facial and neck lines.

The immediate, long lasting results have made ThermiRase an excellent toxin-free option.

For use on the forehead and neck.

* Shipping is included in the Continental USA only. Any shipment outside the lower 48 United States will be shipped at an extra cost. If you live outside this area, please contact us for a free shipping estimate.

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