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Equipmed ELux810 810 nm Diode Hair Removal Laser – Free Shipping (jp/pzx)

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Equipmed ELux810 810 nm Diode Hair Removal Laser; Excellent Operating & Operating Condition; Reason for Selling: Downsizing; Includes: System, Handpiece, 90 Day Warranty & Free Shipping to the Lower 48 States. (jp/pzx)

Original price was: $65,000.00.Current price is: $9,975.00.

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Type of Laser: Diode Hair Removal Laser

Wavelength: 810 nm



An Elux810 operating at 10 Hz can treat a full back in as little as seven minutes with virtually no pain. The laser delivers an almost continuous wave of diode light to the treatment area, resulting in procedures that are ultrafast, safe and comfortable. The laser can be used with all skin types to remove hair. The ELux810 allows an operator to change the laser’s pulse mode from CW to short, long or MultiPulse, protecting darker skin types.

“Our mission has always been to respond to the demands of the medical and aesthetic treatment community. We have consistently delivered on our promise to bring the most advanced products at the best prices to this market. Our PSP program guarantees that every business than can benefit from a laser like this will be able to attain it,” says Stene Marshall, CEO of Equipmed.

The ELux810’s diode laser is more stable and uniform than other laser wavelengths used for hair removal. This results in a system that costs less to maintain and delivers safer, more effective results.

The ELux810’s Specified Optical Device (SOD) is highly accurate in uniformly radiating laser wavelengths, resulting in more effective treatments through decreasing loss and scattering of laser light.

The laser is being officially launched at the 2014 American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting.


* Shipping is included in the Continental USA only. Any shipment outside the lower 48 United States will be shipped at an extra cost. If you live outside this area, please contact us for a free shipping estimate.

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