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New Psoriasis Care Handpiece for Radiancy Mistral

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New Psoriasis Care Handpiece for Radiancy Mistral; Pulse Count = 2 Pulses, for Test Pulses in Video; Pulse Life = 50,000 Pulses; New Operating and Cosmetic Condition, Single Owner; Reason for Selling: Closed Practice; Includes: 90 Day Warranty.(km/gon8)


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Technical Specifications

Handpiece: Psoriasis
Modality: Psoriasis Care
Technology: Light Heat Energy® (LHE) technology
Wavelength: 350-1100 nm
Energy Flux Density: 4-15 J/cm2
Pulse Duration: 80 ms
Spot Size: 25 x 50 mm

The LHE Difference
LHE advances the principles of selective photothermolysis by utilizing the dual energy pathways of light and heat to gain the greatest advantage of the light/heat relationship. Patented internal filters protect the skin and proprietary algorithms take full advantage of the skins thermal absorption characteristics. These innovations create the exact balance of light and heat necessary to achieve clinical efficacy in a variety of clinical applications.

Because it uses low fluences, LHE’s natural fusion of light and heat creates a far more efficient photo thermal technique. The addition of direct heat increases overall effectiveness and lowers fluence to ultra safe levels. Lowering fluence allows us to eliminate the need for skin cooling techniques, simplify the treatment process and minimize risk of harmful side effects, making it safer, easier and more cost effective.

This unique balance of light and heat also enabled effective treatment for the more difficult hair (i.e., salt-n-pepper) and skin types. Skin Types V-VI and sensitive, and Asian skin could now comfortably and safely benefit from phototherapy treatments. A specialized LUA (light unit assembly) for these skin types further enhances safety and comfort without compromising results.


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