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Solta Medical Thermage 2007 NXT Face Handpiece, Pulses: 7,000; Condition: Good; Manufacturer Date: 2007; Handpieces / Heads: Unit is in great condition and fully functional- no problems, looseness, cracks, scratches dents, Manufacturer says handpiece should be good for about 100,000 pulses


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Laser Type: Radio Frequency
SD Card: SW Update P/n 10204-1.5.3 Rev A
Patient Date P/n: 10114 Rev F
Generator: High Powered Pentium-based RF generator
Energy: 400 Watts at 6 MHz (6.78 MHz) frequency
Energy Delivery: Optimizes energy delivery with capacitive coupled technology
Cooling: Integrated cooling system to protect tissue
Closed Loop: Utilizes a closed loop radiofrequency system; safer than open loop sytems
Safety Glasses: No need for safety glasses


NXT Improvements & Benefits

•Utilizes simple and intuitive controls to make
setting changes quickly and easily
•Lighter more ergonomic handpiece with remote controls
•3-D Volumetric heating of the dermal and subcutaneous layers
•Broad range of treatment tips
•Different body areas, such as face, eyes and abdomen
•Different applications, such as skin tightening, body shaping and cellulite


Thermage is the only device to use monopolar capacitively coupled radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten and contour skin. That patented technology means deep, uniform, volumetric heating that other systems simply can’t deliver.

Whereas light-based devices and other RF technologies treat the superficial skin layers, Thermage can reach deep into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. There, the fibrous septae provide the path of least resistance for the energy, which enables selective heating of septae collagen for 3-D tightening.


When it comes to skin tightening and contouring, some patients want the dramatic results of surgery. Others want the more subtle, gradual results of non-invasive treatment.

For these patients, Thermage is the answer, delivering improved skin tone, texture and tightness for an overall younger-looking appearance—on all skin colors, on and off the face, all in a single procedure with no downtime or anesthesia.

Add it up, and Thermage is the treatment that patients want. And that’s one reason more and more practices are enjoying the benefits of Thermage. Here are some others:
• More than 500,000 treatments performed—and counting
• More than 2,300 practices in 80 countries
• 50 peer-reviewed articles—the most clinical evidence in the non-invasive aesthetic industry
• More than 50 patents for advanced technology
• FDA clearance for the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids, as well as temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite (with vibration).
• The first and only FDA clearance for non-invasive eyelid treatments

Backed by the longest history of radiofrequency treatments, Thermage has the strongest record of proven results, safety and clinical excellence.

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