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2013 Ultratone Futura Pro Ultrasound – Muscle Toning & Cellulite Reduction

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2013 Ultratone Futura Pro Ultrasound – Muscle Toning & Cellulite Reduction; Good Cosmetic Condition & Excellent Operating Condition, Single Owner; Manufactured: 04/2013; Includes: Ultrasound Applicator, Muscle Stim Applicator, Weighted Straps, Operator Manual, Treatment Protocol Manual, Power Cables, and 90 day Warranty.jp

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Power Source:24Volt
Weight:350 g
Timer Auto Off:Yes
Timer Accuracy: + or – 0.3 min
Max. Treatment Time:10 min
Frequency:1000 KHz + or- 5%
Mode:Normal & Interrupted
Type of Waveform:Amplitude Modulated
Adjustment Method of Power Modulation:Interrupted Intermittence

Many functions of the face and body are controlled by neurological electrical impulses. These impulses are transmitted naturally by the brain. The Ultratone Programs simply imitate each one of these specific impulses in order to produce a range of different results such as slimming, muscle tone, workout, cellulite reduction, non surgical facelift and many more.

Unlike conventional electronic face and body shapers, which merely offer a monotonous repetition of the same signal, each Ultratone programme has individual sequenced Biostimulation impulses, specifically tailored to your needs.

These sequential phases actually reproduce the varied stimulation of a natural body function with a continuously changing pattern of pulse widths, frequencies, timings and intensities to provide the most effective treatment for your Body and Face shaping requirements. In order to imitate this natural type of neurological activity, Ultratone has introduced microprocessor controlled programmes which automatically vary, cycling through many different settings in each Programme.

Each Ultratone Programme will send out the appropriate sequence of signals to produce the correct treatment parameters. For example, when you exercise, natural impulses cause your muscles to contract and relax. The Ultratone Futura simulates these natural impulses to make the muscles contract and relax in a pattern, similar to normal exercise, but with a lower risk of strain or fatigue. Therefore, Ultratone exercise can be more targeted, more prolonged and more efficient than even traditional physical exercise.

As in normal exercise, a Warmup and a Warmdown mode has been incorporated to ensure total relaxation after each Futura session. Combine these effortless treatments with a healthy diet and you will achieve the best possible results.

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Ultratone facial treatments offer a natural way for you to achieve tone and lift for a younger looking face.

But how does this amazing system work? As we age, the facial muscles lose their natural firmness and elasticity. From the age of 19, the signal from the brain to the muscle slows down and the muscles in our face start to relax. As the muscle droops it takes skin with it creating lines, wrinkles and less defined, sagging features.

90% of the muscle in your face is postural muscle that can only be reached by very precise signals. Ultratone’s comfortable Ultrawave electronic pulses gently exercise and re-educate the small, delicate facial muscles in your face.

The result is a healthier complexion, improved tone, smoothness and definition, facial lift and tightening and re-education of fine lines and wrinkles.

Roll over a pink dot on the image opposite to reveal the benefits of Ultratone.

Are consumables needed for this device? Yes
What consumables are needed? Electrode Pads
Where can the electrodes be purchased? Electrode pads can be ordered from any medical supply store, or on Amazon.com. Prices vary depending on bulk purchases. The pads may be reusable on the same patient during subsequent visits.

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